Rengo Casual Mode feedback

If i am still awake, i will greatly participate (30s up )


Hmm 3 people with incompatible preferences for now. @stone_defender @shinuito @Groin Would you be willing to play with the other time settings as well or not?
I think we want timeouts so let’s say I’d tend to prefer 5 or 9. But we can also play with more time and I will “sacrifice” myself in a certain point


I think you might end up having to sacrifice yourself (if that is your intention) regardless of the time setting; didn’t you successfully play some 1s blitz recently?


Yes, it was against @stone_defender :grin:

I’m going to let my time finish if no one loses by timeout. Maybe someone else should do the same too

It seems like we’re going to play with 30 seconds


Sounds fun to play and test it. I volunteer to time out first, e.g. in the middle of a fight/life-or-death.


We did a few tests and it seems to work very well :slight_smile:

Here are the things we noticed:

  • For the organiser (I don’t know if for others too) the first players are 6k. After the first move their rank becomes “?”.
  • If a player loses by disconnection, the system says “‘playername’ left: they resigned”
  • If a player is eliminated/leaves, the rengo he was in keeps appearing in his active games
  • If a player is eliminated/leaves, you have to refresh the page to see the correct number of players in the game’s info
  • @Samraku had to refresh to dismiss the timeout timer sitting at 0.00 seconds
  • This game stuck twice for me: once while playing and once as a spectator. I couldn’t read any new messages, not even the ones I wrote, and the time wasn’t running. Refreshing the page fixed it.

The chat before the game seems to work perfectly.


When joining the second game, I only saw one chat message in the game chat at the top. I added my own message, and it did not show up, but I scrolled down, and it was shown on the smaller game info panel. The upper game info panel never had more than that one message.


Thanks for testing it out - that’s quite a list!

I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or a feature: it shows as a game that you joined which is still going and it’s not your turn. That’d certainly be at the bottom of my list to “fix” :wink:

All the others sound like real bugs … is the first one new, or has rengo always been like that?


I had noticed it before too.
I mentioned it here:


For the record (and moderators who need to know but don’t play rengo):

  1. The chat gets a message (from “system”) saying “Bhydden left: they timed out”

  2. If you step back through the game, the player cards update to show the teams at that time.

I think it would be nice if the Game Information listed the original participants, at all times, but that’s a fair bit of work for a nice-to-have.


Silly me read this and assumed it implied that

Thanks for the correction.

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OK, that’s sorted (fix submitted).

Darn, I’ve seen that myself, and thought I had fixed it: the lighting bolt doesn’t go away properly when the new player is substituted in.

… and I think this means “after the first move their rank becomes correct”, right, because of [?] rank on beta? Or is it “wrongly always ?” ?

Yes, after the first move the ranks become correct.
I have never noticed this on the main site, but I have never played with players without rank iirc.

It will most likely be a rengo bug: due to the way the cards have to update in rengo, the ranks associated with them work differently.


I think there was also something @stone_defender noticed about the score estimator, I believe analysis and conditional moves were disabled but when it wasn’t your turn the score estimator would be enabled, after a refresh of the page anyway,

I think that was this one anyway

but just to re mention it :slight_smile:


easy fix is for everyone to always have the full katago se like they always should have #sorrynotsorry

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Is casual mode only available in beta? Is there a timeline for production?

Thanks for all the work that goes into this!


Yes, it’s only on beta at the moment. You’ll know when it’s in production when the create-challenge dialog has a “casual” checkbox for Rengo games :slight_smile:

It’s hard to give a timeline … I’d be hopeful for seeing it into production some time next week, but it depends on what problems turn up.


Is there any indication for a started game whether it is casual or not?

Somebody in this game just expressed concern that the game would be short-lived because of the time settings. I checked the api/v1/games page to verify were in casual and it isn’t a problem, but a user-friendly indicator (maybe a field in GameInfo) would be helpful too


I think it says “Casual Rengo!” in the game info at the top :slight_smile:

Edit: I believe the other games (checked one that was much further along) say “Strict Rengo”