Rengo in ogs

I would like to suggest a rengo/ team go option in go. Has this been considered yet?

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Yes, it’s planned. Here is the link to the user voice page about Rengo:



Hello :slight_smile:

We know for how long the developers are thinking of this feature as well as we know they plan to do it.

By any chance, do we have an idea when they will start working on it and when they think they can deliver it?
Approximately… with a +/- 6 months precision :slight_smile:
Thanks for any clues :slight_smile:


I never met a developer who likes ETA questions :slight_smile: but maybe someone will give some info of its progress…


I’m aware of that but users are what they are and at least it would be nice to know if it appears on the roadmap 2017 :slight_smile:


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