Rengo is now available

Considering there’s no player limit, I think this would be perfect for a new site wide event every few hours.


Yes, this was the only thing that was still a big plus on KGS that I missed on OGS. I hope I can convince my friends to play a game of Rengo now!! :slight_smile:


Is there any way to prevent the time-out of a player from causing the game to end here on OGS?

While I understand the why it would be that way, I must say that it’s a MAJOR downside, and the larger the number of players in a game, the higher the probability that the game will end that way. I can pretty much guarantee you that every single one of the above games described above would time out.

Over the years I’ve played a number of Rengo games on DGS. NONE of them completed.

I see there’s a separate thread about this, so discussion continued there…


Mm anyone can tell me how to, like, invite my friend to a rengo game? :sweat_smile:

The challenge popup doesn’t have rengo, and creating custom game seem to be a public challenge?


Right now, post your friend a message saying “please join my challenge on the main page”.

Although all challenges are “open”, the organiser can (by pressing the ‘x’) remove a person from any team. They remain on the challenge page, and you can reassign them, unless they specifically withdraw - this saves you from accidentally deleting people out of the challenge.

In due course “by invitation” makes sense, but probably not high on the rapidly growing wish list. (Unless someone else gets keen and leaps in to to it :slight_smile: )


Yeah, to be clear my suggestion was assuming that some of the features from Rengo: what to do about dropout / AFK players were implimented first.


I wonder how rengo is doing, stats-wise. How many games, challenges, different players involved from the whole OGS player base etc.

inb4 answers that include “git”, “hub”, “code”, “it’s very easy to deduce just do these 15 steps” will not be accepted.


Anoek mentioned a little earlier that 120 games have been played so far.


So now we have Rengo are we soon in for Zen go and multicoloured go??!
I guess the latter might also need


I like multicoloured go. Hope it can be supported here one day :slight_smile:


Maybe with simultaneous moves, and a bit of diplomacy perhaps?


I can confidently say you’d need to put another zero, at least, on the bounty, to make that happen.

OGS is deeply deeply black-vs-white. (Or so it seems to me based on doing rengo).


Just played a game 3v3, worked wonderfully!

Thousands of thanks again for all great people who contributed to this feature!! :love_you_gesture:


I see no reason for a 0 year.
This is the first, the other one is first before.
There is no room for a no mans land year between them.


I am really enjoying this. I didn’t know what Rengo was yesterday but I love it. However, I had some tech problems trying to set up live games, in that the game cancels itself before we get 4 players


The organiser has to stay connected, as if it were a normal live challenge (the same thing happens if you navigate away from a live challenge while it is waiting).

If a challenge disappears before your eyes while you are on that page, and you are sure your internet connection is solid, please do let me know.


Huge thanks!
A very dynamic and efficient synergy between finance, programation and integration.

I hope beyond the clear success of today that rengo will stay like a major and most appreciated feature of OGS.


So first of all, THANK YOU!
I cannot endure KGS anymore and I was so hoping that OGS would at some point finally get a Rengo implementation and the idea to do it with more people is fun too!

Where do we report bugs/suggestions for the feature? :slight_smile:

I think there are currently many games in the Rengo list that will never be started because the organizers have created multiple games, which shouldnt be possible right?

Regarding a suggestion: If one is currently waiting for a correspondence Rengo table to fill, one cannot open a normal 1 vs 1 live game, which seems like a weird restriction as some tables might be open for multiple games until it starts.


Report bugs here:

I’ve linked to where this was raised.