Rengo: please test "Correspondence Challenge Management" on Beta

A new system for managing multiple Rengo correspondence challenges is on BETA

It’s a moderately substantial change, so it would be great to give it a proper test, if you are willing ( @_Sofiam ? :slight_smile: )

  • Live & Correspondence challenges are separated in the list
    (“None”) might still be a bug, didn’t get to that yet

  • Live rengo challenges are like normal challenges: managed in the top right automatch pane

    • So you can only have one at any time, like normal ones

Separately from that:

  • Correspondence challenges are managed by a pane for each one, in place in the list, which:

    • opens up when you create the challenge
    • can be closed by pressing the ‘X’
      — so you can open other ones and manage them
    • can be re-opened by pressing “Manage”
    • can be seen by everyone else by pressing “View”, including non-participants
  • There’s also a column in the table telling you how many people are already in

I can see that it will be good to know how old these challenges are. Noted.

I also intend that you can have multiple management panes open (one above the other on the page).


I tried to open a game on the beta server, but I can’t unselect “ranked”(nor “rengo”) and if I try to start it it says " Ranked Rengo games not supported"

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That’s because ranked rengo is not supported, but I feared there may be a way to get it turned on

I tried to tighten that up, but :woman_facepalming: that’s definitely a bug, I overlooked remembering what you chose last time.

You can work around it by unselecting ranked first then selecting rengo?

But that’s definitely no good: will fix.


No, I cannot unselect either of them

:open_mouth: :sob:

Oh! Is it the case that you had most recently done what I feared was possible: ticked both boxes and created a game?

Seems so, I’m sorry

I managed to open challenges by logging in from my mobile phone. From the computer (edit: only one browser) it is still impossible

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Nice work :slight_smile: You found a nasty bug and worked around it :slight_smile:


Apart from this bug, it seems to work fine, btw. Thank you :slight_smile:


I had a live open live game (blitz) and it was removed even though I did not close the tab (and I kept my phone on the “play” page).
I am trying again to see if it is deleted again and if so, after how long.

Edit: doesn’t seem to happen anymore

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:sweat_smile: An internet connection glitch can do that, I think. At least, we’ll look the other way for now :slight_smile:

Also the fix for the ranked-rengo problem @_Sofiam found is on it’s way, and we cleared the issue on her machine :sweat_smile:


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