Rengo status

Yeah sure. I am out as i need some correct editing tools to publish nice pics on my phone (chinese, no google store… )
This pics would be crucial to get a fair opinion.

To be clear, my suggestion is slightly different from Groin’s; personally I agree that swapping the black/white columns left to right constantly would add visual noise and break from the 1v1 ‘standard’.

Mine is simply to change the timing of when the player titles rotate within the column – namely, to delay it one stone. I think it would be very intuitive for the two top names to be last player to move, and the next player to move. Only fringe cases are what to show on the first and last move.


You may be right. My head spins to try to think about how to achieve it simply :slight_smile:

What about adding the last player in the smaller format, above the next player? So the big player boxes would keep their meanings, but the last player would get to be on top, deemphasized.


I will be that person that refuses to read back and just asks, sorry beforehand:

AI after the game can’t be run in rengo games, right?
We can have a game with a let’s say dan in one side and 5 kyus in the other, system allows it, right?

Also, the card thing is a bit confusing, I think @MostlyNumbers is closer to what would work for me as well.

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I don’t think so

To check that I was looking for a completed rengo game and… I just discovered that in the games history there’s a filter for rengo games!!!
Rengo is going too far… OGS will be renamed ORS…

Whatever: a test game between Sofiam and Anoek has AI analysis


And I love that the result is “fun was had”. :grin:


That must be another game.

I tried looking for it but on my phone touching Sofiam’s profile is a pain! :joy:


resign problem quick fix idea:
only (2) players that are going to play next will be allowed to resign. Others in the list wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

The Ultimate Rengo game suddenly ended, it was inevitable by probability theory.
If someone is systematically resign rengo games, no one even will know about it with current system, no one will be reported. But with my solution, it always will be known who, just like in normal game. And probability of resign will not be so high.


It looks better on PC screen

Agree. And same about pause.


a not-so-quick fix suggestion on the same: if resign button could resign for that particular player only, the rest of the team plays on

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“team captain” (probably strongest player) should be able to resign the game, no? I mean, imagine having to wait for 10 opponents to resign one by one.


yes. there should be team captain (not neccesarily strongest player, maybe assigned during team selection by the game creator) with powers to resign for the whole team, and kick or skip any afk team members

edit: doesnt this solution sidestep the issue of what to do with the clock in case of skipping afk players? ie - the team captain decides when the team has waited long enough and skips to the next player in line without any change in the clock

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I like this, as it adds the admittedly useful information of who moved last, while maintaining the very useful (at least when playing and wanting to know if it’s about to be your turn) information already conveyed.

I would not want Black and White player cards swapping positions. Humans are very good at remembering a small selection of things, but location is one of them. Constantly swapping the locations where vital information lives would mess with this ability.


Meanwhile: the update for supporting managing multiple correspondence challenges is on BETA .

A good ole test would be great, thanks.


(on page)

What about turning correspondence off filter?. We could just ignore what was at the bottom of the page before. But now, it is between live challenges and live rengo.

I never play correspondence, but because list of correspondence I may miss (now rare) live rengo.


The new challenge system, allowing management of multiple correspondence rengo challenges, is live.


Now we can see how many people have signed up for each, it’s in my face that we need an agreed “this game will start when X players have joined” kind of thing…



I was thinking that the difference between orange and green (which doesn’t have a different version in the accessible theme atm) might be difficult for colour blind people to see. It might not be a big problem though, as they are not on the same side and the text should be readable