Rengo status

There should really be a way to block habitual timeouters from rengo games, because sometimes they all end up on one side and the annulled game ruins it for everyone. :confused::angry:

:annoyed face is annoyed:


Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that only rengos with hand picked participants work. In half of my ongoing rengos the count of players left on my team is 1. In one of them the opponent (singular) is in the same situation. So glad that I also like to play normal go! :smiley:


If you are convinced that a player joins rengo games without the intention to play and does so repeatedly, please report it to the moderators.


I’m working hard at making the challenge system support this (as part of broader changes).


Thanks, that’s great. But tbh it’s doable already - I’ve done it once. I’ve just contacted a few people via messaging, put a note in the rengo description that it’s invitation only and threw out all uninvited players who inevitably signed up in spite of that. Not super elegant, but also not too burdensome.


Hi, I still get an error like I couldn’t leave the game even though I surrendered twice.

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I been duped into starting a bunch of games thinking “well, how often it will be my turn to play in the team anyway” and everyone times out or resigns and I end up basically playing a bunch of normal games all at once.

I’m complaining.


I understand and share your frustration (it has happened to me many times too) but does it really make sense to complain here?

Maybe we would need a reliability license to be able to join rengo games (just kidding)

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I know my feelings are important, but “Go world news” thread seemed a bit much.


I’m not really complaining as in “I want to see the rengo manager! 111!!1”, more like “smh tsk tsk tsk”.


There are several examples of go servers, and other game servers, with a notion of “reputation” or “karma”. You lose reputation when you time out, or your opponents have to give you a (secret) thumb-up or thumb-down after completing a game with you, or other things like that which make your reputation go up or down.

Even KGS has a system where you get a question mark after your rank if you don’t play enough ranked games. In practice this question marks acts somewhat like a “bad reputation”.

In my experience it brings nothing good. Players become reluctant to play with someone who has a bad reputation (or a question mark after their rank), and the server becomes unfriendly for everyone.


I don’t remember if this is the same game that had some timer problems, but it’s the second time it got stuck and doesn’t count down after a timeout.

It’s been like that for over 10 minutes.

It’s doing it again

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Unfortunately, it’s counting down again now (unfortunate because it means I can’t see the problem).

I wonder if it just stopped on the weekend, and that explains it? Hmmm today is Wednesday though, so I guess that’s probably not it :crazy_face:

Well, it’s doing it again now.

Hmm - I opened the game, it was black’s turn with 23:38m showing.

I’ve left the tab open for 5 minutes it now has 23:33m showing…

Yes, it starts after a while but it gets stuck for about 5 - 10 minutes. It wasn’t exactly when I posted. I guess last move timestamp is shown somewhere and it’s more than what has been detracted from 24h.

Btw, it only does it in 24h, after it starts again it goes on smoothly.

You can check now, if you’re on. @GreenAsJade

Check the clock up left

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I wonder if it’s possible that this is something like “23hrs and some amount of minutes keeps rounding up to 24hrs until a certain point…”

IE maybe the clock is still counting down, but we are treating it as “about one day”, until it is significantly under one day?

How about keep watch on it to see if this explanation holds?

My clock (W) counts down properly, afaik, I’ll check again when it’s my turn.

Also, it wasn’t like that for the whole game, I remember it running properly for B before.

ETA: it just started, I think about 30 minutes later.

TBH this would make sense to me - it pears some more looking into, but it has all the feel of “a 24h clock is rounded up until it is well under 24 hours”.