Rengo status

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Is this one still a thing? I was looking at the autoadvance code recently seems like rengo would fail in certain cases (playerNotToMove could be any player in the game), but shouldn’t be to hard to fix:

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This is probably insignificant, but if you join a game and lose the requirements to join it, it no longer appears among the eligible challenges and you don’t see the withdraw button on the left.


Maybe with rank restrictions you should be kicked automatically if your rank changes before that the game starts?


The withdraw button is on the lower right in your screenshot. Am I misunderstanding the point?

I noticed that, in fact I said it was probably an insignificant thing. It doesn’t appear in the column on the left, which doesn’t seem to recognize that I’ve already joined that game.

I resigned from a casual rengo game, but it remains listed among my active games. Why is that? Seems counterintuitive.

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A fix for this one is on its way (was approved/merged, in the pipeline to get deployed).


I’m this close to getting daddy issues.

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