Rengo status

Come on, show some team spirit and avoid dying, will you? :wink:


Certainly! Team spirit was a credo for me in my youth, when I captained teams in cross country and on the road (25-mile medley relay teams I assembled that placed two straight years). Best compliment I ever received was a tribute to my team spirit, when coach made me anchor of the 4-mile and 2-mile relays, telling the team, “[Conrad] doesn’t have the fastest kick, but he will never let you guys down.”

what if 376 guests will join?

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Where is the problem, if those 376 guests then play? :sweat_smile:


real users will need to wait for these 376 guests to timeout

What makes you think that the odds of a guest losing by timeout are higher than the odds of a normal user doing so (which, trust me, are very high anyway)?

Guests actually become accounts after accepting the first challenge.


1 evil user can actually click 376 times and make 376 guests in the process, its no longer hard

normal user can click it in incognito window, close it, and then its impossible to find that exactly guest account again

When someone makes account with name they do it in order to create new account.
When someone just clicks accept, they don’t do it to have their own account, they do it to accept that game, then realize that its boring to wait, then forget that they even clicked that game, its just random game, who would remember click like that?

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Actually, have you tried that?

There are supposed to be protections against that sort of silliness, but it’s possible that they don’t extend to Rengo properly.

If it’s not working properly, please report it as a bug.!

Actually, I can already see that this is a real problem.

Another one that will be solved by making the link visible to only the creator :slight_smile:


I know how to fix the timeout problem.

Just make the submit button more visible so players don’t time out while scrolling.


Yay, we’re on standby for the PR :wink:

If only it were so easy. Timing out is rampant in small-team, casual games as well. The reason is that timing-out rudeness is now deemed acceptable.

I think it has to be noted that the whole purpose of casual mode is to tolerate timeouts.

Problem: people keep spoiling our rengo games by timing out.

Discussion: some timeouts are inevitable, can we have a way that this doesn’t ruin the game

Solution: casual mode.

If you don’t want timeouts, play strict, and report timer-outers?

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Would it make sense? Losing by timeout in normal correspondence games is almost always accepted, is the fact that there is more than one player involved enough to consider it a bad action?

Can’t report timeouters, even in strict, if it is correspondence—so says a moderator.

I guess this is what Conrad is referring to, and it’s news to me.

Personally, that’s not the approach I would take, if it were up to me (*) : I think timing out correspondence is unacceptable, though perhaps slightly less heinous than timing out live.

*: but it isn’t up to me, so this is just an opinion.

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It was news to me too. Wasn’t always so.