Resign Streak... When to Resign?

I’m starting to resign a lot more lately (connected to my losing streak)… even when it turns out I am ahead in retrospect. When is it an acceptable time to resign?

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I’d recommend not to resign when playing with peers since everything can happen—I for one have often lost won games and vice versa—unless you’re totally, 101%, absolutely sure you are losing. And don’t rely only on the score estimator.

Also, I think unless you’ve reached perhaps 20-23k resigning may too often happen as a result of lacking ability to assess the game situation, so … rather don’t, until you’re totally, 101%, etc., sure … :wink:

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Some Korean pros tell their students to never resign, because you can always practice endgame stuff. (I feel this is a little extreme.) Still, it’s a good idea not to resign immediately after a big loss. Continue for a few moves until your anger or disappointment cools down and you can make a positional judgment. You should resign only when you believe there is nothing you can do.

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I think its best to resign if its you can see you are behind and cannot see any way to retrieve the game. Following from that it, it is very important to frequently count the game, so that you know, (or think you know what the score is)
There are some players who are content just to complete the game and fill in every last stone when they have realised that they were thirty points or more behind. People with such an approach are missing the best part of go - the eternal tightrope walk that is a close game between two evenly matched opponents. And, of course the opponent who is 30+ ahead is being bored witless and has nothing of interest to play for.
I think those koreans probably meant go down fighting- for instance if you lose 20 stones, try to kill 21 stones- that is a noble way to play. But just meandering towards defeat and making your opponent wait while you dont try anything interesting is just bad manners IMO

Keep playing as long as you make honest moves that aim to win the game. If you find yourself trying to trick the opponent, or hoping for some huge mistake, or just killing time then please resign.

But if you honestly feel that there is a way to win the game by doing good proper moves, feel free to play on.

And as players get stronger, they should count the board every now and then to make a better judgment.

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