[resolved] Is there support in other language but this one? Where do I change my password?

Is there support in other language but this one? Discobot is very bad. It could not understand the word “password”, in my language (PT-BR), to show things related to password - where I expected to find how to change my password.

It is not in my account settings, in any section of it! /-:

Where do I change my password?

??? Who?

Discobot! The robot (I guess) that give us support, I think.

I cannot look at you image or video. It is too white! Please, may you show me, with words, where to change the password?

Discobot only says hi when you join the forum. To change your password you have to go to the OGS website, it’s on this page.

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I tried to find the “password change” thing in: click on my upright “letter picture”, click on the star, but it is not there, nor in any section of that page.

Oh… shouldn’t this be mentioned somewhere? I am in a subdomain of online - go [dot] com, after all. Please make discobot give this information.

And discobot says hi, but offers help… which is what I tried to get with it.

In portuguese it’s called Senha, under Configurações de Conta

I don’t know, you never have to fill in a password either to join the forum since it logs you in automatically, and the domain is still online-go.com, so I think it’s not so weird that they use the same place to change the password.

OGS uses Discourse forum (which I dislike very much, but I can use). In Discourse, the password is changed by: 1) click on our profile picture; 2) click on the star item; 3) the parts to change the password will be there.

The fact that we are logged in automatically here, is another reason to put the information “you should change your password in […] page” here in an easily accessible place - like the steps I said.

I know portuguese and english fairly well, Vsotvep. ( : Thank you. But discobot answer that it did not understand what I wanted when I said “senha”.

Well, it’s a bot, so you can hardly blame it for that.

Haha… yes, I know, but… 1) I only said one word to it; 2) this word is “senha”… is it hard to make it give me all (or some, if there are much) information related to password? This is a simple search that I cannot do from the page where I write these words. It has a FAQ option in the upright menu, but it is a very small FAQ, with nothing useful, just general behaviour guidelines.

I think you then did the next best thing, which is turn to us puny humans with the problem and wait until our superior communication skills lead to a solution. :slight_smile:
Now that you’re here, I just noticed that the “Profanity filter” header in the settings has been translated in Portuguese as “@mark5000”, which I suspect is not the actual translation. Would you be able to provide the correct translation for that?

It is really annoying that I press the browser’s back button and the textarea I intentionally left partially written, wanting to discard it, was kept at the exact same position and over most of the page I am seeing!

Did I do something bad? I am a bit unsure that this sentence is not an indicative that what I am doing in this thread is good.

Not at all, you did what you should’ve done. I meant it as a joking answer with a sincere underlying message.

As you are aware, this is a discord discourse (edit: oops, thanks @trohde) forum, so you should really complain over at discord discourse if you want these kind of things changed, I’m afraid…


discourse :wink:

And their forum is here:

Hail Eris! :wink:

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Sure I can help with that! ( : In portuguese, that should be “filtro de palavrão” - and I explain these 3 words to you: “filtro de” means “filter of”, and it expects what is filtered after it. But “filtro de palavrões” would be more general and more appropriate. The change is simply singular to plural, but is how we usually write settings, options and other things (not only for softwares).

“Palavrão” means swear word, in the first meaning we see here in Wiktionary; the second meaning there now is less used (saying that it is “nonstandard” is strange to me, though). So with the suggested translation, we get the idea of “a filter for swear words”. Is that good?

The literal translation of “profanity words” is possible, but I think that would be harderly understood by people, including myself: “filtro de profanidades”.

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Funny thing: I did not note you wrote (originally) discord instead of discourse.

if the only option I have is complaining at Discourse project myself, that is very bad. Very bad because: I am simply an user that used discourse for just weeks (including it in other projects, like Diaspora Foundation fora); if you think my complains are meaninful, you (online-go admins and/or developers) can make the same complains with the weight of the potential weight of the number of users OGS has today. The second will (probably) attract atention and importance much more easily, of course.