Review request, 24k 9x9

Hi. Pls help with review? In this game, somehow I was able to win due to my opponent mistakes. I might have lose otherwise. But early in the game, my opponent’s moves is so threatening I felt hopeless I dont how to respond and just place my stones close by so maybe it wont be too dangerous is all I hope. Thanks in advance.

Review for you

The biggest mistakes currently are not keeping all your stones connected and not keeping all your opponent’s stones disconnected. I would like to understand further why you felt your opponent’s moves were so threatening, when I looked at it, it seemed a fairly even game up until maybe move 10 or so when the game seriously began to shift to your favour.

As far as feeling hopeless and not knowing how to respond, the answer is universal. Practice! Play, watch other people play, read books about people playing, dream about playing! We all have times where we simply don’t know where to play, and the only way to overcome that is to practice!

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Along the same lines of thought, I have written a large article for newcomers that talks about getting better at Go and lists a lot of resources. I’m trying to cut down on how often I post the entire thing, so I will just link to it.

And if you ever find yourself feeling poorly about your skill at Go, because of your rank, please read this post. Because your rank shouldn’t matter :wink:.

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Thank you Legault and Mulsiphix1 for the review. I guess I thought it is threatening because I dont know how to respond and the stones that I play at top right corner doesnt seem to do much. You are right. I need to play more games. And I forgot about the connected part. Sorry. Your review is great. I learnt a lot from it. I never saw somone playing on first line like that. B4 doesnt cross my mind at all. Later, I played G4 instead of F2 because I thought the territory on the right side would be taken by my opponent but I guess I didnt read enough. Thanks again

And I have read your note before Mulsiphix. It does makes me more relax not trying to win but trying to learn one or two things from each game I played. Thank you.

Thank you both of you.