Review request (lowly kyus)

I saw already done reviews in the game so I would just give 2 advices in the beginning:

Always answer an approach move on a 4-4 (F16=>D14) A double attack is sometimes manageable but it’s hot and heavy duty. Avoid it.

The S18 move is a urgent move because it’s life for both and a mountain of points. Urgent moves come before big moves.

No at this stage you can just fish a few points in the endgame but you can’t save the 5 stones. The thing is it’s just 5 stones… Consider instead a move at D9 for example.

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Black’s (11) was slightly inaccurate; from a loose pincer, Black should always block at Q17.
(13) was also flawed, since Black should immediately move to prevent the bulge at P16, which you instantly took yourself.

(16) is a bit overconcentrated. F17 looks more efficient.

(22) H4 seems like a better shape, not allowing the F4 turn to be a hane. However, (24) F5, the double hane, still looks to keep the pressure up. Note that if (27) F6, isolating the G4 stones, is played then we can see that the tetromino group doesn’t have the sleekest figure.

(30) should split Black’s stones by blocking at D17 – your C16 block was too soft.

(36) should move more definitely onto the right side, with a move like R9.

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Actually, the in-game chat talks about one position only :slight_smile:

I added a more turn-by-turn style review, tried to answer some of the questions.


I thought C6 counted as a response to that, as in “take the other way”. AI says to go for B’s right bottom corner, so I’m even more confused. What could I have played?

I didn’t get that, you mean my move 180?

I see. I was afraid I would get trapped in there, it happens to me a lot lately… I think I’m doing OK and suddenly my stones have nowhere to go…

Um, I don’t get that. :frowning:

@FinrodFelagund Thanks for the game comments :slight_smile:

General question: is there a feature, or could it be a feature, to mark the stones with comments in a review? I mean on the goban itself, not on the right. Like when an undo is requested, the stone got a “?” lately. When I try to follow up the game I miss the comments on the right and when I follow the comments I miss how we got there.

D14 instead of J3
move 180 should be move 16

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A tetromino is a shape made out of four squares, aka a Tetris block.

I use it to refer to both the farmer’s hat and the “zigzag” shape that I’m not sure has a better name.

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For managing reviews, I’m afraid what you ask doesn’t exist.
For more confort, you can export the sgf into another sgf reader if you feel another one is more confortable.
(Cgoban, Drago, …)

General question: is there a feature, or could it be a feature, to mark the stones with comments in a review? I mean on the goban itself, not on the right. Like when an undo is requested, the stone got a “?” lately. When I try to follow up the game I miss the comments on the right and when I follow the comments I miss how we got there.

I think I understand what you want.

  1. Select the letter tool, A.


  1. Hold Shift and click on the board. A dialogue box will appear asking for a custom label input.

  2. Specify the custom label


  1. Apply the label to stones and empty points as you see fit.

More information on OGS tools can be found at Lets update the Shortcuts Docs!

[Confession: I didn’t know to do this, but I remembered that – I think – @mark5000 had shown it being done from the letter tool, so I took a guess.]


… and of course you can easily mark stones with X O etc just selecting those options (you don’t have to do that whole complicated label thing)

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I meant if there’s a way to do it automatically, but I guess not.
The same way the undo stone gets a “?”.

A stone gets a ‘?’ when you press undo. What action do you want to cause which stone to be marked?

I can’t be understanding your request, because it seems like you are asking for it to know what you want?

The stones that correspond to the blue circles on the right window of a review to have a mark on them.

When a move gets a comment in a review, that stone to get a mark on the goban to the left.

But in a good review this would result in almost half the stones having marks on them wouldn’t it?

(At first I thought “oh, you mean when I am on the turn with a blue circle, then mark the stone”, but that already happens - when you are on the turn with a blue circle, the stone is the last one placed marked with O )

Why is that a problem anyway, although I don’t think it’s that excessive.

As I said, when going through the game on the goban, I would like to have a way to only look to the box on the right when there’s a comment there and not checking all the time.

“I don’t think it exists” is fine, “I don’t know” is also fine although people are too reluctant to use that phrase in here.

Rather than “I dont think so” or “I dont know” I was going down the path of “if this seems worthwhile, I could implement it” :wink:

Now that you mentioned “I’m looking at the board and not the analysis tree” I can kind of see what you mean … you would like it so that if the stone that was just placed has a review comment, then indicate this… right?

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Yep, exactly.

I guess in higher ranks it’s easier to gauge when a comment/variation would be probable, but for me every stone is a possibility. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I keep going back and forth and it breaks my following of the game.

The mark doesn’t even have to be permanent (that would maybe cause a problem later in the game with captured stones), just a :exclamation:to know to look for the comment would be great.

P. S. With a toggle to turn the option off, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel that OGS review system is inadequate for game reviews of the type that reads like a game story. It’s OK for adding comments with some short variations here and there. But an in-depth fully commented game with “diagrams” just becomes a terrible mess. Even more so with multiple reviewers.

That’s why I prefer gokibitz for more detailed reviews.

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But gokibbitz don’t have variations, it’s pure chat or I missed something?

It uses a different mechanism than sgf branches. You can just insert a variation in a comment and when you click that variation, it plays out on the board. Hovering over single coordinates in a comment highlights that point.

See for example these comments.

It takes some time to familiarize yourself with how it all works, but overall I feel that website does a good job offering the tools needed to review other people’s games. It also has notifications when someone added a comment to your game and it has a mechanism to “like” comments.


I mean OGS has that part too for the actual chat, just not the review text box.

There is also a play button (or press ‘space’ I think) which you could press at the start of a branch/variation and it will play out the main line from there :slight_smile: (you can change how fast the stones get placed in settings)

One could give the stone a similar blue rim/box shadow on the board either if one wants to build the association between “this move in the tree has a comment” and “this stone one the board has a comment”.

Of course that won’t tell you when there’s a branch. Maybe some comments will only be in the middle or end of branch variations.

Maybe something like the exclamation or some kind of branch symbol (like the GitHub fork one) could indicate branches

These kinds of guys
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