Review request

Although not my worst game, I lost control very early in the game, I could appreciate any help to pinpoint the major mistakes.


I know others are taking a look at this game right now, and i dont want to step on their proverbial toes. But, i do reccomend you take a look at the below link, which is a small tutorial i put together. Some of the stuff in there you will already know, but some other things might be useful for you.

Also. If you want any more games taken a look at i have this thread here. Just post up a link, and im always happy to help.


I welcome everyone’s input. It’s my toes out to be stepped on, if you think about it. :slight_smile:


Thats not a bad point XD. but i will wait until @Yebellz is done with his review.

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It’s possible to have multiple parallel reviews. You’re not stepping on anyone’s toes by adding another.


just wanted to be sure, because i knew you were ongoing.

C14 is a passive move. You invite black to go into the corner with D18. Some moves later you help black solidify the down right corner with P5. In general: you play too much moves that help black get a good shape.
Maybe it helps you if you replay this game with the question (does this move help me or help black?) in mind. I am sure you will find some moves that don’t make you happy.
Good luck. Hope you will benefit from my feed back.

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I’ve tried reviewing my games sometimes, but this a new idea, thank you :slight_smile:

Feel free to invite me for a teaching game.

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@HHG @Lord_o_o_Spoon @yebellz thank you all very much :slight_smile:

3 Likes I know you are currently looking over what i did, but i thought i would post up a link so you could come back to it if needs be.

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I wish there were a notification when people post reviews on games :woman_shrugging:t2:


true dat