Robots in Terrihill: Werewolf Game 3.5

Hello Everyone. Here are the rules of the game, and the players. Please list here if you have any questions, and confirm that you still would like to play. I am going to use the same rules I had set up in game 3, unless anyone has any suggestions on how to change them. I am also going to check the timing poll after everyone has responded.



Town Rules(please read and confirm that you understand them)


Note: these do not change, you are assigned a role for the entire game. If someone with one of these roles dies, no one else will receive that role. Everyone will know what role each person had when they die because the town decided to inspect each dead person’s house to see if they have any more information about the robots.

Robots - The enemies. The goal of the game is to kill them(unless you are a robot. If you are a robot, you win when everyone else is dead. They get to use their laser once per night to kill a human because for some reason, a reaction will occur and stop both of their hearts if they both use an ability and come within a 1 mi radius of each other before a charge. They both go out to kill together, but only one actually does the killing. They are too focused on killing the rest of the townspeople, so they will try and kill someone every night, even if they failed the night before. They know who each other are.

Robot Detective - One of the enemies will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role. The robot detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Detective - One of the non-enemies(normal humans) will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role. The detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Protector - One of the non-enemies will get to choose someone to protect for one night. The protector will get to choose one person to protect overnight from the robots. The protector may protect themself. Each night they will set up an electrical trap which messes up the robot’s senses of direction and people. This forces one robot to have to use an ability on both of them to get out of the trap. They then no longer are able to kill, and will go back home without a kill that night. The protector may not protect someone two nights in a row to prevent their identity from being seen by those unwanted robots.

Assaulter - One of the non-enemies will get this role. They have the option to kill someone each night with their really powerful gun. If they do kill someone though, they will die regardless of the person they kill’s role because this gun will also recoil and kill you. The assaulter is not required to perform this action during the game, instead it is just a choice. This action still goes through even if the robots plan to kill you.

Townspeople - Everyone, robot and human. Not everyone receives a special role, but everyone is a townsperson who lives in the town of Terrihill(in addition to your other role).


During each day, there will be an open poll that is set to close when the day phase ends(this means your vote is public to all). Before that, you may change you vote though the poll as much as you want. Voting for no one is an option. In the event of a tie, if everyone has voted for 2 people and it is a tie, both will die, unless it is the final 2 and then nothing will happen. If it is not a tie, whoever has more votes will die. If it is a tie between 3 or more people, or votes have been spread among more than just the 2 people in the tie, no one will be killed because the town was too divided on who to kill.

Day and Night Phases

During the Day phase(48hrs/2d):
Feel free to use this thread to have a discussion with your fellow citizens of Terrihill, and do not talk about this game using other threads or PMs unless you have a rules question(or something similar). You have this time to decide who to vote for, and tell everyone what you think about what you guys should do, and the situation. Each person may talk as much or as little as they want during this period.

During the Night phase(24hrs/1d):
Please do not use this thread to have any sort of discussion. If you are feeling restless overnight, feel free to do something in your own house, but please do not leave your Terrihill house to stage a discussion with your fellow townspeople. To use an ability, you will PM me if you have this option and want to, although please do not spam me with PMs if you do not have an ability. I will mention whether or not you have an ability in your role PMs.


I’m still in, of course! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot @Haze_with_a_Z for organizing everything!

Here’s a link to the timing poll, just in case somebody missed it: Ghosts Werewolf Game 4 Planning


Count me in for the reboot game. I am ready to start whenever, but hope that enough time is given on the first day for all players to get involved. Everyone, please confirm with a quick message here that you are still in and when you are ready to start.




I’m ready to start, too


Ready to start.


i would like to play


Do you understand the rules?

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I wonder if the more “serious” members of the ogs team (@mark5000, @crocrobot , or even @trohde ) ever play werewolf?

Which ones are you calling serious?

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@Sports_for_Life and @ginger2008 ,
have you read all the rules (here in the first post)? If there’s something you don’t understand, please just ask. :slight_smile: It’s important that everyone knows these rules to make the game work.

@Haze_with_a_Z : I guess we need another timing poll, is that correct? Could we have one in this thread?


We’re also waiting for confirmation from @RubyMineshaft, @HHG, and @李建澔2. since they have not chimed in yet in this thread.

For all of the new players (@李建澔2, @ginger2008, @Sports_for_Life) in particular, please confirm the following:

  1. Have you read the rules in the top post? Please ask questions if any clarifications need to be made.
  2. Are you okay with the time commitment? This will require checking the forum daily and posting fairly frequently to participate properly. The game will last several weeks.
  3. Are you still in? Are you ready or when will you be ready to start?

If we don’t hear back from people with positive confirmation, I think we should assume that they are not playing. It’s not worth derailing another game with uncertainty about participation.


By the way, I think the rules, particularly the number of special roles, need to be reconsidered, especially if there is a small number of players.

If nearly every villager has a special role (like say 5 or 6 villagers with 4 special roles, and then 2 robots), then I think the game drastically favors the villagers, who might be able to force a win by simply revealing their roles on the first day. The robots will then be forced to either pretend to be villagers without roles or one of the special roles. Either way, it reduces the possibilities for who might be a robot to a minority group, which the villagers can just methodically eliminate over the subsequent days.


I would dismiss the cloaker, if I had to choose.


New Start Time Poll

  • 2020-05-13T16:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-13T19:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-13T21:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-13T22:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-13T23:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-14T00:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-14T01:00:00Z
  • 2020-05-14T04:00:00Z

0 voters

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Sorry! I confirm (whatever that means!) that I am playing.


I vote for none of those start time options. I think the gist of @KAOSkonfused’s prompt was to ask if people would prefer different time settings (e.g., like a slower/faster pace for the game).

Please do not rush into starting the game, when there are several issues left to be resolved:

  1. So far, we only have 6 confirmed participants, with others having only expressed interest, but have not chimed in here to confirm that they are actually playing.
  2. With so few participants, I think there is a flaw in the rules, given that there are too many special roles, which seems to throw the game wildly out of balance.

I would rather have the game run smoothly rather than start quickly.

I withdraw my participation unless these issues are not resolved.


I’m going to drop out for this next round, I don’t think I can give a full effort right now. Have fun!


I propose that we remove the cloaker and assaulter roles. What does everyone else think?


I confirm @yebellz

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