Rudeness about the undo button

Did you all mean to quote me? I do agree with OGS policy, sorry if it seemed otherwise.

probably not. do you know what else is annoying, is this:

this person didn’t resign. They had negative points and were playing in places where they were dead. When I asked them to resign they didn’t respond. They refused to end the game, and they timed out. I refused to resign either, but that’s because I’m not going to lose a game if I won it by over two hundred points. There should be a way if the other person is knowingly being malicious.


Luckily have never had this issue. I do remember years ago I had an 8dan opponent on KGS though that told me he would never ask for an undo against a player like me. I don’t know what he had against me but I proceeded to beat him 3 times in a row :-).

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To be fair, this was the player’s first and only game here. If established players do this sort of thing, please report them.


Not giving undos, crushing noobs? This isn’t combat, this is slaughter!


Nevermind the noob, what the hell did you do to your goban??? Can barely see the black stones at all on my screen!


when you click right mouse button on go board, you can copy transparent image of lines and stones(without board). So I can tell that you use dark theme.


Of course I do… I also drink water and breath air… Any other obvious statements we should get out of the way? :wink:


I often will allow an undo, though I never ask for one.

I do notice sometimes people make mistakes in blitz. But if your playing a game of less than 5 min… That is just the way the ball bounces.

I have had opponents offer when I say oooops misclick… Just so they know that not even I would have played that move intentionally. But even then I just play on.

So if you want to give undo then do if not then don’t . No sweat. Oh and just block the rude ones. If someone is nasty in the game. I email them and correct them. I also immediately ban them from chat and accepting games! Lol!


The handful of times I misclicked and asked for an undo (I usually just live with my mistakes) I also posted in chat my intended move, I think that helps the opponent decide if it was a misclick or some more sinister reason to ask for an undo… :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually grant undos, I only refused to a couple of players who did it consistently.


Overall most people I think are reasonable with this sort of thing. And those who are not simply block…

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While I agree with everything you’ve said, military intelligence, information operations, psyops, etc, is all about manipulation and deception. Many battles and wars have been won or lost because of manipulation. It’s not something to ignore, even in Go.

Probes are all about trying to learn about what your opponent values so that you can use that to your advantage.

Ruining your opponents opening strategy on move 1 or 2 is a valid strategy.

Playing fast when you have a lot of time left but your opponent doesn’t so that they can’t use your time to think is valid.

Researching your opponents game history and seeing if they lose to certain formations or joseki is valid.

Etc etc…


Placing stones with your thumb and index finger so your opponent takes you for a bumpkin - valid. :ok_hand::laughing:


It seems like you are taking this a notch too serious. Asking for an undo is not manipulation and doesn’t really give anyone a big advantage. It does allow for corrections due to the input method. I play on phone or iPad a lot and while the touch screen is very good for playing go on most cases it can happen that your palm or finger accidentally places a stone.

You’d want to win honorably and rightfully I assume from your messages. I actually feel similarly. I want to be better than my opponent and not win because of an unfortunate Mia kick on his or her part.


It sounds like you have never received a dubious undo request.

It will be interesting to see whether your opinion changes after you receive one.

FWIW, I most vividly recally my shock when I had planned a cunning snapback situation, the person fell into it, then asked for an undo. It was like “seriously!?”.


I mean… most undo requests aren’t dubious. I don’t think one bad instance of an undo request will change my opinion on them in general!


I’m surprised nobody has said this yet (or maybe I just missed it). I agree with the original poster about taking the game seriously, and that is precisely why I do grant undos when it seems like a misclick, e.g. if the move they made is clearly beneath their level and the expected move was right next to it. I don’t want a slip of the hand to ruin what is otherwise a fairly pure battle of minds!


My favourite undo workflow for correspondence games:

  1. Read carefully

  2. Play “best” move

  3. Instantly realise it’s not so great

  4. Refuse to request undo on principle

  5. Remain annoyed at poor move

  6. Throw integrity out the window and quickly log back on to request undo before opponent punishes bad move

  7. Hang head in shame for succumbing to the dark side

  8. Quickly log back on to ask opponent to ignore undo as the undo request was a “misclick”


I didn’t say exactly, but I agree completely with this sentiment!

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I was in an online tournament recently and my opponent asked for undo, I granted. After a pause, he put the stone back the original place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then after awhile, he requested another undo, I declined. Then another, I clicked on the button to decline all future undo request. :grinning: