Score Estimate Bug?

Pressing the score estimate more than once gives a different estimate each time. I think this is a bug. I see there was a post in August 2014 stating the same behaviour.

No bug, that’s just exactly why it is called an estimate…

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Score estimate is not deterministic. It has a random component.

The purpose of the estimator is, in my view:

  1. to give OGS feature parity with other Go servers and appease people who like to compare things quantitatively
  2. to give confused beginners some sense of having something comforting to hold on to in the face of I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on-panic (like a plush toy)
  3. to give Nova developers an outlet for coding a fancy estimator (before OGS) and now for aspiring programmers to fantasize about writing their own (just better)

For you as a player, I advise you to learn and practice counting. :slight_smile:


I can count just fine! but estimates should not change if the data remains the same. Add a stone,- fine you expect a different estimate but if all you do is hit the estimate score button and get a different estimate- that’s just confusing.

The score estimator has to guess what might happen in the game. It’s not just counting, because the game isn’t finished yet and could go anyone of about a billion ways, even close to the end.

So it uses probability to ESTIMATE the likely outcome. The dice rolls different each time.

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