Scoring error

Hello Folks,

In this game - BadTenuki vs. amybot-ddk there seems to be a scoring error. I believe White has won this game but its territory is not being counted.

Note: I realize black missed a small opportunity at G2 that is unfinished. I am not sure if that is causing the counting to go awry.

Also, I set my games to have Japanese scoring but the scores reported end up counting stones also (i.e. Chinese scoring).

In that game, using Japanese scoring I believe this is the score:
B: 52 territory, 3 captures; Final score: 52
W: 60 territory, 0 captures, 5.5 komi; Final Score: 60+5.5 - 3 = 62.5

Using Chinese rules:
B: (52 territory + 31 stones) 83, 3 captures: Final score: 83
W: (60 territory + 26 stones) 76, 0 captures, 5.5 komi; Final Score: 76 + 5.5 - 3 = 78.5

I am new to Go so do let me know if I got something wrong.

Hi - sometimes the bots do get it wrong.

Just report the game, using the “call moderator” button, someone will be along to deal with it.



you both passed when it makes no sense to do so

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I guess this could be another example for the compendium :no_mouth: