Scoring malfunction

Something went badly wrong with the scoring here. After the game myself and my opponent agreed the top left two White stones were alive (potentially missing a small amount of aji). The scoring then declared that Black wins by half a point treating these as captured and so my territory as un-enclosed. Using the estimate score tool on the same position I make these alive and White wins by +7 or I make them dead and Black wins by +75. There is no way to configure these so that Black wins by half a point (which was the recorded result of the game).

@stone.defender has put the variation in the game showing that the boundary is unfinished (not just an aji)

now when both players agree even if both are wrong, it has been discussed in the forum that human decision should normally prevail AI analysis which is sadly not the case.

Agree, but the AI variation used to determine those stones are captured is not the best defense for White either (Which is just to close off the area and lose the two stones).

Well i dunno which AI variation you are refering.
What i know from the last position assessment is that AI simply discard those 2 stones as they are greyed.

I’m surprised by this. In the past human agreement determines the score unless the “stalling/escaping thing” kicks in.

Has that changed?


Well if you look at the board marking by the scoring, that’s not what players agreed between them (white left area is not counted at all.)

That may be true (I’ll have a chance to look later) but that doesn’t mean “it’s right”.

It will be good to get to the bottom of that.

Generally, the principle has been the players need to determine the score, because the score can be governed by their ability. If two inexperienced players can’t see that the person they think is the loser can actually win, that loser should not be awarded the win, even if the AI thinks they should win.

So hopefully there is some other explanation for this outcome.


I fully agree, that is how it should be.

This is one of the most important thread but maybe we need some resume (and not the only one thread, search scoring…)

Stone defenders posted variation leads to a large loss by White (while demonstrating there is no way to keep those two stones). If White meets B17 with B16 the game score ends +6.5 for White (matching the AI review score).