Scoring system

i cant find how the scoring system works on rated games
is it win loss & draw

or are there bonus for points different etc

I may come over as a complete newbe but I don’t see how it works

many thanks

On OGS draws can only be forced by moderator decision (very rare), otherwise the only possible outcomes of games are victory and loss. You can win/lose a game by counting, timeout or resignation. If a game gets abandoned/resigned before move 1, the result will not count.

The difference in points, should a game go to counting, has no effect on the ranking points awarded.

thank you
i know how the games are won & lost

the thing i dont understand is how you k rating is scored after the win or loss

sorry if i didnt make that very clear

yes ive read that
it doesnt make much sence to me.

does the score change if you beat a higher or lower player?
if win by a high or low score- or a win is just a win?
if you resign?

every ranked game affects your ranking points. a win against a weaker player, will award less points than a win against a stronger player. in general, unlikely outcomes have more impact on rank.
additionally (as i understand it, and im not an expert, just a go-player), the glicko system takes streaks into account, so a winning/losing streak can have your rank change quickly.

how the game is decided does not matter, neither does the score-difference.

Unfortunately the Glicko based system is hard to fully understand (for me at least) therefore I cannot give you “precise numbers” for winning/losing, but all you need to know can be summarized like this I think:

  • Score difference does not matter WIN or LOSE, no matter by how much

  • Smaller boards have smaller impact

  • Wins against a stronger opponents give you a higher boost and vice versa

  • The complicated thing is that Glicko takes into account even games that took place later. (Better undersood on an example) Say you have beaten a 5 stones stronger player. Who then lost many games and became an equal rank to you. In such a case the system will retroactively “take away” some of the points you have gained for beating a stronger opponent as he probably was not true to his previous rank.


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