SE is broken(?) - it assists your reading

Noticed this while watching someone’s stream just now. SE marks stones that could be dead, but aren’t yet, as dead. This seems to have helped bring a tactic to the users attention. Plays moves immediately after checking SE that save stones marked as dead - twice.

This can’t be intended, right? It’s guiding you to possible tactics in a position instead of just giving you an evaluation.

SE that works while you play is very weak and crazy. Saying that it helps you is just incorrect.
But, yes, I would prefer stronger estimator, which thinks that all stones are alive and where you have to mark all dead stones yourself.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. OGS score estimator for players is worse than estimators on any other server. It is very rare that it can guide you on what to play.

That said, I agree ranked games shouldn’t have estimator at all. Counting is a part of the game and I don’t see why online games would aspire to anything other than replicating real life game conditions.


Sure, except it did help in this case. Otherwise why play r5 before actually fixing the connect and die in the top left?

It looks like she played e15 because she thought it fixed in sente, then after checking SE realized it didn’t really fix.

Yeah, I agree with you on that.

Middle of the road might be to just give the number evaluation and not mark anything during a live game?

SE shouldn’t know Go rules, it should be tool to help you count faster. It should show what it counts. First choice of what it counts shouldn’t be accurate, but it should be very easy to paint yourself what it counts.


The one in the thread you linked doesn’t seem to mark anything as dead. Would be much better.

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Can confirm; am nut.

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