Should I have resigned?

This was in the recent BAGPA Tournament in San Francisco.

I played Black and I left White’s name anonymous. We were both AGA 8kyu players (which roughly equals an OGS 12 kyu, hence why I call both of us 12 kyu in the review)

I was a bit miffed about having lost the five stones towards the center and letting my opponent have a big wall in a game where I had little actual territory (with the exception of the possibility of the top-right corner)
But a few score estimators said I wasn’t too far behind.

So, was I far enough behind to resign? Or was I too quick to do so?


As GaJ said, you didn’t inlcude a link, but personally my opinion is if you think you have a chance at winning, play on.

let me help you :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoops, yeah that’s the one.

I assume you were white (as in game) and not black (as in 1st post) kinda agree with score estimators :slight_smile: neither black have much territory, his wall will be pretty hard to use, top right corner looks white-ish (and with double wing) while left is invadable -> optimistic scenario is good enough.

When in doubt dont resign, you can always do it later.

You are certainly behind enough to resign. But from my own personal fighting spirit, especially in a real live tourney that I took the time to attend, I would (over)play ferociously until there is literally no way for me to win. Your opponent might slip up too. Meaning I won’t give up till my opponent has every group secure with nothing to kill to make up for the deficit.


Yep, white is behind, but the game is still playable. If you keep the upper right corner, white has around 60 points of certain territory. If you add komi, that’s roughly the same amount B has.

While it’s true that black has additional potential on the left side, his position is a little awkward. In this particular game C6 is a great starting point, aiming at c3 is asking B ‘What did you really think you’ll get out of this corner when you played D2?’. So my plan would be:

  1. Push lower left a little (in sente), to cut D10 off
  2. Invade at C16 to reduce the top right, while taking base from D10.
  3. Now D10 is kind of baseless, so either:
    a) It escapes -> You have sente to secure upper right and have a good chance of winning the game
    b) White lives in upper right - You should be able to attack D10 severily and get ~15 points extra in the center, which should be enough for close game.

It’s not very clear how the game could evolve, but if you carefully pick on weaknesses in black’s structures, I can see it turning around.

I guess I learned my lesson then.