Should we have a contest for new themes on OGS?

l<3OGS as a site, sure it has it’s bugs, but in a big picture it’s awesome website! One nice aspect is that it looks cool, i love how cool those shell white and night black stones look on black walnut board, surrounded by dark theme, it really looks nice :3
But time to time i want/need some change, and i get shamed that even with all the nice features here, we only have 2 different themes - and honestly speaking white default theme sucks :confused: - so i feel “forced” to use the dark one.

So, i got this idea, should we have a contest for some new theme(s) here, i know many OGSers are into web designing etc, so many users have the know-how about this kinda things. Maybe we could allow users to create and submit their own designs, and have a sitewide voting on winner?

I would like to get our @anoek and @matburt to give their opinions on this… :3

Wow, your theme options looks very nice! I’ll use that one. Thank you!
Before that I used the same stones and a granit board with white theme. Try it, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

As a designer: it would be great to have an ability for apply my own created themes for this site. No one Go server has that. Actually, I’m here because of the design :smiley:


I love the default design, but options can hardly be bad. :slight_smile:

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