Show only "can accept" games as default on "Play" page

These days I don’t often go to the “Play” page, because I’m playing ladders and tourneys.

I went there yesterday and see that the “tons of can’t accept games” problem is still there.

That got me wondering: should we show only games that people can accept, in that list, by default?

You could have a tickbox to “show all”.

This would

  1. Be tidier, especially if we can’t get rid of the no-one can accept games

  2. Get rid of spam: what’s the point of putting spam in notes of a game no-one can accept, if no-one sees it…




It turned out you’re not the only one who cares, eh :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder: good to know that it has support.

I see I had liked that post back when you made it, but I’d forgotten it when I posted today :slight_smile:

I’m looking at it now (implementing).


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In my experience, nothing will get done unless you make a post on the OGS Github. Not moaning about it, but that’s the place the devs seems to check rather than here. So that’s what’s needed.


… or you do it yourself, which in this instance is what I am doing :slight_smile:

Note that before you do anything, it’s good to have a decent concensus here for there to be a reasonable chance of the devs accepting it when it’s done, which is why I posted before starting.



I would love to see this idea generalized to a “filter games” thing. For example “only ranked” or “not ranked” and the ability to filter by board size…


Yeah. I think that this table, and the actual game history table, should be filterable by all their columns.

But the first thing I can possibly-easily do is just enable switch off the “can’t accept”.

Generalisation might come later :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re coding it yourself are you? Best of luck with that.

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I’ve submitted a basic solution at github, up to the devs now.



Clutter, begone. Good stuff.


Awesome!! :slight_smile:


Well done! :slight_smile:

I guess, now that’s been swept under the carpet, will ever someone get rid of the garbage? :wink:
(e.g. “max level 127k” and so on…)

This is not how we do things here!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Anoek is working on a way to give us power to easily delete challenges. And many thanks to GaJ’s quick and great work <3


Don’t you just love it when common sense prevails and there’s someone like GaJ to carry out the work immediately? Great job…especially for my rank, where there are so many I can’t accept.


Suggestion: Show a column for the color (black, white or random) by default. I sometimes create 5 games as Black and 5 as White and have noticed opponents joining two games with the same colour, only to cancel one.

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Just saw the new See Only Available Challenges (or like that) on the Play page. Hugemongous improvement!! Thank you.


Can you also make those grey dots on the scatterplot disappear? :slight_smile: Note: it seems the scatterplot next to the chat doesn’t prune game offers that disappear…

It woudn’t be easy to quickly do that following on from this, FWIW - they are in a slightly separate part of the code.

But I also kind of think it’s nice to have an indication of what activity is out there that I cant partake in … a lot or a little :slight_smile:


Zombie threads coming back again and again… I’m sorry, but @smurph led my attention to the scatterplot chart and I noticed this:

@AdamR: “This is not how we do things here!!!” :crazy_face:

Any news about it?

I agree with @GreenAsJade that it’s nice to see the other side of the moon, but those aren’t actual challenges since nobody can accept them.


I hear thy challenging tone young man, but thy glove shan’t disgrace my cheek. I stand by my proclamation and the power to purge such challenges doth long exist. How these have escaped my vigilant watch and how they were present in such extensive numbers I do not dare divine (yeah I overlooked one detail, this is mostly shame on me), but rest assured I have clensed the row so you can all enjoy watching every existing challenge.

I read Shakespeare today, wanted to give it a shot too :smiley: thanks for heads up though :frowning: it is kind of weird, I will ask anoek whazup with that again.