Signed in with Google - Change Username?

Would it be possible to have my username changed to willathome or something like that? I signed in with Google, and it gave me willed6d6bed24214e30, which is going to be very hard for friends to find me.


Enjoy :slight_smile:

Can you help me change my name as well? If jgk is available, I’d prefer that.

You are the proud owner of a brand new username!

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Could you help me wih the same problem? I`d like to change mine Chuck, or Rifflidck if the nickname has to be unique

Thanks! Is it possible to change the forum name as well? I couldn’t find an option :innocent:

I’d like to change mine to npb

May your new name be graced with many tesujis.

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done (“Chuck” was already taken).

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Hello @jgk

I’m not sure but have you tried logging out of the forum and back in again?

Thanks it works :slight_smile:

Can you change mine as well? would be great if any of those was available:




  1. I can find existing users for all your wished names.

  2. I cannot find a user with your forum nickname there … so possibly a friendly colleague already did their magic here.

  3. Thought: Could it be that you may also have created those other accounts yourself? Or maybe it’s other users who had the same idea …


I have tried to change my username when there was an option to do so in settings, but it never worked. Apart from that I don’t recall making any other accounts… this is my profile. If you could, please, change it to the [edit] “tg”, that would be great.


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Thanks a bunch!

Remember to log out of the forum and log back in to make it reflect the change :slight_smile:

Hey There!

Would it be possible to get my username changed to ‘Debrezen’ ? My user page is here.

What is: YES


Thank you!