Signed in with Google - Change Username?


Same problem - switch to khoza please?


Sorry, can’t do that, an account with that name already exists.


Oh oops sorry, kmhoza then. Thanks.


Magic is real.


hi, made an account with my FB and it defaulted to my real name, any way I can get it changed? I’d prefer qats as 1st option and coolqats if that’s taken.


You wish is my command!

Remember to log out of the forum and back in again to have this change reflected also here.



BTW, the more we’re having such requests, the more it feels like some initiation rite of an esoteric order or sect :smiley: and I feel tempted to prepend stuff like Ma and Swami, or perhaps Sister and Brother to their “new names”, but then again I don’t always know whether female or male, and it also doesn’t matter here.

What would Chinese, Japanese, and Korean equivalents be? Preferably gender-free words?

From now on I will burn some fine incense whenever I do the ceremony :joy:


I think there should be a way to change the name in the interface. Maybe give every user (new and existing) gets one name change they can use at any time. Perhaps the first time they donate, they can get another name change.

There are a lot of people who probably want the convenience of signing on with their FB or google account (thanks for this feature BTW) without having to post their name for their games.


We had it this way until a month or two ago, but it was abused too often.

Also, I believe this shouldn’t be reserved to those who have some money to spend.


Righto, definitely good concerns. My thought was giving control to the users would make it more welcoming. The limit was to limit abuse and the donation to demonstrate a commitment to the server for special potentially abusable privileges. (with a further limit that donating only really gets you one name change)

Making it fairer could perhaps introduce other ways to earn name changes, such as longevity/activity on the server, correct reporting of abuse/inappropriate behaviour, or some sort of special name change tournament :smiley:

Of course the main other reason is to make it easier for the admins. If the workload is low, then it’s really low priority.


Could I get mine changed to Tav please? Thanks!


Hello, “Tav” is already taken.


Is Tavarius taken?


<burning some frankincense>

Your new name shall be “Tavarius”.

Enjoy :slight_smile:




Hi trohde admin!

Is it possible to change my name to bloooob cause I unknowingly created my account with my e-mail as the username and due to privacy issues I’m not too comfortable with that.

Thanks in advance!

edit: I meant my username on OGS itself, it seems to be showing my e-mail. On the forums it’s not though strangely :open_mouth:


All your wishes have been granted. Thanks.


Thanks a lot!!! :smiley:


I hate to be a pain in the rear but could my username be changed as well? I’d like it to be changed in SCA, this due to privacy reasons.

Thanks in advance…



Thy wish has been fulfilled:

Please remember also to log out of the forum and back in to have this change reflected here, too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

p.s.: [quote=“SCA, post:39, topic:7122”]
I hate to be a pain in the rear

I’d like to point out that you have NOTHING to do with my hemorrhoids :joy: