Simultaneous Fractional Go Game 1

Im so bad at this… :smiley:


I find the idea that only the shade of this colour is removed, quite interesting though. Yet another interesting variant I have to try :laughing:


I will keep my move secret this round, in the hopes that I will collide. But I’m open to other ideas


Let’s imagine white stones at D15, E15, E17. The black stones at D16 and E16 would be completely surrounded by white stones. Do they stay on the board by virtue of forming a chain with C16? I assume yes, just checking…

Is it of any help if I play C17 now? or F15?

Yes, I believe so.

@Jon_Ko F15 would be nice, but putting Q4 into atari is also a nice idea, I presume

I suppose we might want to work on capturing those three black stones in the upper-left, so I can best help by playing E15. That is well-removed from the permanent enclosure that @yebellz is setting up and also stays away from @terrific’s stone in case he wants to expand.


You and I should probably play one of those each?

Doesn’t seem urgent to me…

I’m assuming you are talking about the 3 stones in upper left? That’s tempting but I doubt it’s a good idea. If black-blue plays 3-3 then the group will have 4 stones and it’s hard for us to capture. Except 3-3, B16 is also a move.

Nice avatar by the way.


Oops, right. Left.

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Never considered that, great suggestion. :wink:

I’m imagining something like this:


The black-blue chain would then be in a sort of atari, as would the single black-green stone, since we could potentially kill either in a single move, assuming no collisions.

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I thought something like this and has not been convinced yet. My normal Go knowledge tells me white has a broken shape here. Also, we can’t assume other black players won’t intervine in round 7.

The deadline isn’t too far away so I submitted a move anyway.

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Will you reveal which quadrant of the board? You know, I’m just asking for the benefit of your teammates so they can avoid being overconcentrated. :wink:

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It’s not history until someone makes a Sensei’s page :wink:


Bottom left, believe it or not :smiling_imp:


I’ll submit a move now, and it’s not C17 :wink:.


Round 5

Team Blue Green Pink
Black @Maharani: B16 @Jon_Ko: F15 @Vsotvep: E17
White @yebellz: C17 @Feijoa: Q16 @terrific: R3

New Position:


Deadline for Round 6: 2021-11-21T07:00:00Z

Tactical considerations aside, I think it’s quite beautiful how all colours interact with each other.


I’d like to answer in the lower right corner.