Simultaneous Fractional Go Game 2

Welcome to the second game featuring fractionally coloured stones and simultaneous moves!

Team Black
@Shinuito @Jon_Ko @mafidufa

Team White
@Vsotvep @Maharani @benjito

Pairs sharing secondary colour:
{Shinuito, Vsotvep}, {mafidufa, Maharani}, {Jon_Ko, benjito}

Detailed Rules


  • Board
    We start with an empty 19x19 board.

  • Rounds
    Each round players submit their move via private message to the arbiter (thats me). Once all players submitted and I have time, I will present the results and we proceed to the next round. After 48 hours, if not all players submitted, the round is extended and players are reminded. Players may change or withdraw their submission as often as they want.

  • Communication
    Players may discuss the game only publicly within this thread. Anything written is not binding for move submissions.

Collision and Capture

  • Collision
    If two or more players submitted the same move, a stone is placed with all of these players colours combined.

  • Connectedness
    If C is a colour, two stones featuring C are called C-connected, if they can be connected by a path traversing only stones featuring colour C.

  • Chains
    A Chain of colour C is a maximal set of pairwise C-connected stones.

  • Capture
    When all players have submitted their move, all stones are placed simultaneously. Chains containing newly placed stones are called new chains, others are called old chains.
    1.) All old chains with no liberty are simultaneously removed.
    2.) Then all new Chains with no liberty are simultaneously removed.
    Note that step 1 may free up liberties and thus potentially save new chains from getting removed in step 2.

Teams and Objectives

  • Teams
    Players are grouped into team Black and team White with team colours black and white, respectively.

  • Territory
    If C is a colour, a maximal set of connected empty intersections is called C-territory if all adjacent stones feature colour C.

  • Points
    When the game ends, both teams get one point for each stone featuring their team colour and each empty intersection in a territory of their team colour. The goal is to earn more points than the other team.

  • Game Over
    The game ends either by agreement (e.g. all players of one team resign, or all players agree to tie), or when a fixed board position occurs for the third time. In this case the game proceeds to counting, unless all players agree to continue.

Round 0


First Reminder Time: 2022-07-19T06:00:00Z

Please decide and agree on secondary colours. Have fun everybody! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @martin3141, for being our arbiter again. And have a nice game everyone.

I’m fine with any color, but I wouldn’t mind bringing glory to green this time.


Dibs on pink!

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First Collision! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You can have {Green, Pink} as secondary colour, if you want. That is equivalent to a single colour, provided that these colours don’t appear without the other. However I fear that three-coloured stones might be difficult to look at :sweat_smile:


Oh wait I’m confused I thought we needed to have different colors. Green is fine :slight_smile:


I’d like to use different colours than in the previous game, to give this a bit more of a unique feel.

@shinuito are you fine with Red?


Also, I once again will start in the top right.

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Sure why not

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I’d like to start in a corner on the bottom, maybe this time I don’t mess up the first move.

So we have RGB as secondary colours.

I will play in a top corner.

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Round 1

Team Red Green Blue
Black @Shinuito: R16 @Jon_Ko: O4 @mafidufa: E17
White @Vsotvep: Q17 @benjito: D4 @Maharani: E4

And we are off to the races, with no collisions yet. New Board Position:


Check-in Time for Round 2: 2022-07-21T06:00:00Z

Already an interesting start! Thanks everybody for submitting timely :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll just add another stone in the lower right.

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No chance we could get the same shades of blue and red/pink as last game? That’s how I’d interpreted it :S

I will tenuki.

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I’m playing tengen (shh @martin3141 :wink:)

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I wasn’t sure if you and @mafidufa want the dark or the light shade of blue from Vsotvep’s tool. Just let me know if you want to change it.

Light-blue please, if mafidufa agrees. And wondering if @shinuito and @Vsotvep might be down for magenta instead of orange… :slight_smile:

light blue is fine with me


Well, I specifically like having a different colour scheme for this game, to mix things up a bit (am also am not really a fan of the previous colours, to be honest). So I’d like to stay with Red.


I happy enough with the red.

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