Site sometimes makes sound ("game started", etc) even when the site is muted [chrome]

I have noticed that even after muting the site, it will sometimes play anyways.

I’m wondering if this is a site issue or a chrome issue.

Although I have never had this happen on other sites.


It seems like there’s other issues with the ‘game started’ sound too Computer continually says "Game started" for no reason, that one being noticed on Firefox.

Definitely plausible that it’s an OGS thing.

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For what it’s worth, coincidentally I had the exact same problem with Internet Go School recently. Muting the site in Chrome did not prevent sounds from playing (I couldn’t find the sound setting, eventually I found it)

So it might be a Chrome bug of some kind.

Is there an update on this? It’s really annoying and startling when “game started” unexpectedly plays on full volume.

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Depends on what issue exactly you are referring to, there seems to be several described in the thread, but the answer is probably not, sorry.

If the trouble is that our tabs plays sounds even though it is muted in Chrome, I am sorry that’s on Chrome devs. We are not doing anything special to play sounds, just pretty standart code. It may look like it happens only on OGS, but I am assuming it’s just an appearance as most websites do not really use sound, or you don’t often mute it if they do, so it’s hard to notice it elsewhere.

For the rest (that is likely our fault) I am not aware about anyone actively working on it, if there is any coder reading this who would find it an interesting challenge our github is here I am guessing those would be front-end issues.