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I noticed that the response to moderation requests is quite slow at the moment. At least, in my experience, I had two cases of score cheating, which were answered after about 25 hours and I have a current request which sits for over 17 hours now. I now that no moderator can be online 24/7 and that in particular the mod team decided against any automatic handling of score cheating, but I still wanted to ask if the moderation team needs any help handling those requests, since I feel like letting cheaters continue for over a day may impact the experience many users have with the website. (And to not hide an additional intention of mine: It quite annoys me that these cases are handled so slowly)

Especially, I wonder since here What to do against score cheating a mod member stated that they don’t experience enough such requests and would be happy to answer more.


Thanks for the implied offer of help :slight_smile:

It’s true that reports are a bit backed up at the moment.

About a week ago they were at zero - it’s a bursty thing.

The moderator team is working on multiple fronts to stay ahead of reports

  • Continually reviewing when to invite, and who to invite to add to the team
  • Improving tools for handling reports (most recently a lot of work here)
  • Improving systems to reduce reports (automatic scoring is one example that is not ruled out, just no good answer known yet)

I wonder if this is helpful: summary - yes, you’re right, it’s a bit slower than we’d all like right now, and we’re working on it, including looking at getting more help.


Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the response. And yeah, I would offer my help if wanted since OGS is a website I spent a lot of time on and so naturally grew a bit attached to it xD

If it is a known issue that is nice I suppose but I only can reflect that it makes me quite annoyed if a cheater get the win which can only be annulled but not reversed and then continue to scam people. This also happens to me at least more often in recent times (not to speak of that those folks continue to threaten and insult me if I am not fast in blocking them. I know that those folks are bullcrap but it still makes me feel uneasy if my life gets threatened over a god damn Go game). It is just really hurts the general nice atmosphere for me.

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Yep - definitely a thing.

“Can only be annulled and not reversed” is a thing that comes up too, and overlaps slow moderation, but really is its own topic.

If someone had the energy to raise this question again and withstand the slings and arrows of the resulting renewed discussion, I personally would support seeing if we can “do somefink”. I’m personally not wild about the number of times I have to say “sorry, can’t reverse”, and I’m rusty on the showstopper reason why this is the case.


Yeah but it intervenes together. I would argue if one of those issues were not present the other one would not be so pressing. I also don’t want to have to annoy mods with this kind of issue over and over again xD

Yes, understood. But “fix the score” is enough of a “thing” to be separated out - even if we had instant moderation, it’d still be a thing.

I actually wondered about that too.
Is it such a different thing to annul a game and to reverse the result?
The score system will be manually altered either way, and a moderator has the same work in both cases

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There currently isn’t such a capability. Only annulment.