[SOLVED] How to show next move on the board?

Hi, I’m trying to study Mark5000's Guide to the Opening (v2) .

Is it possible to indicate the next move on the board? For example if after move 1, there’s 5 possible variations in the game tree, it’ll show a dot or transparent stone in those 5 possible positions. Something like “Show next moves” option from Sabaki.

Navigating through the game tree is kinda cumbersome.


How about this?

Viewing the guide with BesoGo


Yep, looks perfect. I tried offline SGF viewers, but this one is better.


Here’s another version in “Navigation Only” mode (if you want to avoid accidentally adding new variations while clicking around).

Navigation Only Mode

Note: it is still possible to switch back into editing mode by selecting a tool in the buttons above the move tree.

Thank you! I built it!

See: BesoGo: yet another web-based SGF editor


However, I should note that you might see some weird things like this with my reader:


The black “A” mark is Mark’s mark marked in the SGF. The red “A” is the automatic mark applied to show that is the next move. Sorry, that’s just the quirk of my editor. Note that it possible to turn off the “next move” marks in my editor with the red “A” button near the upper right.