Some 9x9 games appear to be getting wrong Komi

5.5, maybe even 4.5 if you stingy on the Komi. But 3.5 is absolutely ridiculous.

I didn’t accept a setting wrongly. This is part of the auto match function.

I think the title of this thread should be “Why did I get 3.5 komi in 9x9 automatch?”

I don’t know the answer, but you didn’t post a link to the game in question, so it makes it hard to even make a start taking a look…



I looked at your most recent 9x9 games, all of them we’re showing 5.5komi.

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I was using a recently made acct. Either the new komi thing was recently made or the komi is made to be lower at the lower lvls. Either way, it shouldn’t be that way. It’s like education, should u score by proficiency (set standard) or growth (unfixed standard tailored to each case)? Any fair respectable system would choose proficiency. So Komi should be a set standard.

If it’s simply newly implemented then it’s just outright too low.

Handicap maybe?

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I mean it would help if we had the game.


Random 9x9 game. Also 3.5.

In fact just go look at any currently playing 9x9 and you will see this phenomenon…-_-

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Strange indeed. But your last statement is wrong. I just looked at an ongoing game and it has 5.5, as it should:


Then my theory on it being only 3.5 for players under a certain rank is starting to look more possible. Perhaps 5k and above get the normal Komi?

Still a stupid and unfair system either way. “Oh the players don’t know how to make use of the first turn to overcome komi, let’s take it away from them.” I hate such dictator-like high-horsing behaviour thinking they know best for everyone else and implement it without consulting the player base

I think you should be a bit more careful with your assumptions. It could for example just be a bug.


I mean inside the game you posted I wrote down that there is a 1 stone handicap in place… Which could be the reason why the komi is set to 3.5


Even though yes 1 stone handicap is usually 0.5

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For real though I think you are taking this a little to far?, hard? In short I feel like you are overreacting.


Except that B did not play a move first. Unless of course the 3.5 is actually -3.5 given to B and it’s not shown. Still doesn’t make sense anyway for 3.5.
Also it’s still an issue to be solved, bug or not. And aren’t you a little too unconcerned about it? How am I taking this too far?
Am I calling for boycotting of the site or something of that calibre?

Perhaps because you don’t touch small boards so you couldn’t care less about something not involving you? That’s rather selfish now isn’t it?

@richyfourtytwo Fair enough

Maybe, just maybe, one could go through the effort of figuring out what is actually happening before comparing the developers to dictators?

By default OGS uses handicap for non-blitz games if you use the quick match finder. You can change your preferences for that using the settings button. For custom games it clearly shows what kind of handicap the game is using, so you can choose whether to accept it.

On 19x19 board the handicap for 1 rank difference is the higher-ranked player playing W with 0.5 Komi, but B still goes first. On a smaller board 1 rank difference clearly isn’t worth 5 or 6 points, so the amount of Komi is gradually adjusted for each rank instead of all at once - i.e. in the game you posted W gets 3.5 Komi instead of 5.5 because the handicap is set for a 1 rank difference.

How many points and/or stones exactly the handicap should be for smaller board sizes is not a settled issue, see e.g. for a discussion. I do not know what all the values are that OGS uses for 9x9 handicap.


Hallelulia, someone who knows what they are talking about :smiley:

(And as usual there is a good explanation!)


I wish for a small komi on 9x9 because, counter-intuitively, the first move is not an enormous advantage.

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Why do you think so? Is black not gaining influence on much larger percentage of the board by his first move?

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That is exactly the intuition. However, since white is assumed slightly stronger than black, white knows enough to quickly offset that advantage, making it in reality very small. Because of the large komi, when I play almost-even players I find it easier to win. As black I start with a big disadvantage because of the komi.

That is not always the case though, in even games the color is random so they may be slightly weaker. Also being slightly stronger won’t help that much.

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