Somewhere with face to face weiqi

So finally i decided to ask something quite personal here related to weiqi and me.

Some already know that not long ago, I came back to France after a long time spent in China.

I am now looking for a nice place to stay with some weiqi players (a club?) we could have games together and spend some nice time.

I need a job there, completing paperworks for french administration, a room to rent and suchโ€ฆ So i am aiming at some medium sized town in which i could reach everything without too complicated transportation. I can stay in some youth hostel at first too if that exists.

Anyway feel free to send me a private message if you have any suggestion or question.

Thanks for reading.


(I wish you) Safe travels!
I live in the USA, so I canโ€™t help you any, but if you decide to visit the USA, and in particular Los Angeles (California) or Chicago (Illinois) let me know. Then maybe I can help. :slight_smile:


Thereโ€™s a nice amount of players in France, the opposite of Italy :frowning:
Map from Baduk Club:

Grenoble seems to have a nice club with lot of activities.
Black dots are clubs (actually weekly meetings for the same club):

If you want more specific informations about the place, you could try asking our beloved illustrator Camille @KyamiRefur
She shares lovely videos and pictures on Tiktok and Instagram about the Grenoble Go Club that make me really envious! :smiley:


Saint Petersburg and Moscow


Iโ€™m assuming you are looking for a place in France exclusively. If not, Iโ€™m sure we can suggest lots of places elsewhere in the EU (which should not be an issue immigration-wise).


Well i wouldnโ€™t mind but flying to the USA is out of my budget :blush:.

Oh yes grenoble could be. Itโ€™s where i discovered weiqi long time agoโ€ฆ

A bit far (like USA), i donโ€™t have any russian knowledge and would rather speak a language iโ€™m used to after many years in China (english, french and even spanish or german)

In France at first yes but not exclusively. The thing is that, because of the language barriers, it should be easier to find a job (cook, reception, supermarket, math teacher or whatever i can fit in)


Supermarket jobs should be easy to get here. But not payed well, to put it mildly. Math tutor might also have some chances, depending on your level of German.


If you are looking for a French speaking country at first how about Belgium? Many clubs, medium sized towns, large beers and good french fries!

In France Grenoble is certainly amongst the best choices for weiqi. The town is pretty too, and you are in the Alps, which is a big plus imho. But, it is rather expensive to live there iirc!!

Edit: Not sure, I think Inseong Hwang still lives there: Motoki Noguchi too I believe!!


I canโ€™t help, but just dropping by to say that it would be nice to play IRL if some day we happen to meet in a club or in a tournament.


I canโ€™t give you any advice (living in the Netherlands myself) but wish you all the best in your quest! I hope you can settle in somewhere nice soon.

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Nantes has two clubs, one that meets in a bar on wednesday night, and one that meets in an associative room on saturday afternoon. There are players of all strengths, from 30k to 5d.

The public transports are pretty good, and middle schools and high schools are certainly looking for math teachers.


Have you considered teaching math online?
It would make things easier with finding a location, since the job will not be connected to it.
When you finally find a place to live, you can then reconsider your job options.


I was teaching math at university when lockdown hit and I had to teach my classes online for two years. It absolutely sucks. I would not recommend it.


You teach math at school? I ever believed people wonโ€™t like Go and Math at the same time, because thereโ€™re not much math in Go and thereโ€™re not much Go in math, they two are not compatible in most cases.

I believe Xinming Simon Guo would strongly disagree:


Yeah, I second this


Itโ€™s between grade 1 to 5.

Thereโ€™re much more Go and Math knowledge not included in.

Thats a surprising statement tbh


In math you generate a lot from a few (axioms) which is in some way similar with the basic rules of weiqi.


Back on topic, i was in Perpignan yesterday but the youth hostel was closed. In bus now leading to Nice.