Sorting live matches by rank or number of observers

Hi there,

I’m not exactly sure if this has been mentioned before, but I think the live games need to be sorted better. Right now OGS has about 20+ live matches running at any given time, so simply skimming through the games one can find ones they want to watch without much hassle. Once OGS gets more people and they start to play more live games this will become more difficult. So, I was wondering if an option to sort games by rank or number of observers could be implemented such as is available on KGS or IGS. It would make finding games to watch much easier.


+1. I like this idea. It would be possible add a filter for level, spectators, tournament games, and also i would be nice some type of sticky mark when there is a lecture, some Teaching-game, or amateur/pro match broadcasting.

Definitely some good ideas, and it’s something we plan on redoing pretty soon. That list of games is a little heavy to calculate at the moment so we are looking at better ways to do that.


Found this old discussion and wanted to ask about the definition of “pretty soon”. Really am missing an option to sort the observable games according to rank or alphabetically. For me it is the point that needs improvement. Otherwise OGS has come a long way!


Yep, I totally get that… and it’s something that is on the very short term roadmap so hang tight :smile: Sometimes we shift priorities around a bit and things get bumped, this was just one of those things.


+1 this idea.

I don’t know how user handles are stored, but surely (and yes I’m serious) one of the object classes must be rank & this can be ascending-ly sorted for online active games & presumably little processing power.

Could also id the game by max(player1_rank, player2_rank);