Stones jumping to k19 when submitting move

In some games the last stone is jumping to k19 when the original move is submitted.
I play under Android Phone & Tablet. A friend is encountering the same with his iPhone.
For reference See: move 216.

Seems like this old old bug.

There are now some 4-5 threads about this.

Debugging information. On ios 8 ipad in safari.

This is repeatable for me:

Select goban labels bottom-left in site settings and update site preferences. Open correspondence game in which it is my turn. Click on my opponent’s name. A stone is placed at A19 or somewhere near there. This is not the only way to provoke this error, but it is a repeatable way.

Select labels none. Same error.

Select labels “all sides”. There is no problem.

If I go back to “bottom left” again, the error returns.


I think this is the word @anoek and @matburt have been waiting for, together with your description of how to repeat it. Thanks, @saxmaam.

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Hopefully I"m not the only one who can repeat it.

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Erm it was repeatable in December with the same info…
Last word I heard was that devs could not repeat it with their devices. I also could only repeat it with my tablet but not with my phone. both had exact same Chrome version but slightly different roms of android 4.4.4

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Ouf, not the first time I make a fool of myself, then. (Probably also not the last time, but I’m not making any promises :wink: )

So … if it actually is not repeatable with “slightly different roms of android 4.4.4” … it may be an android problem and not an OGS problem?

I don’t know much about programming but it would sound very weird if it would not be OGS bug.
My tablet is 7" and my phone is 5.1" and they have different resolutions.

It occurs on ios devices. no android involved

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It happens on both iOS and Android.

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I know, pempu. My point was that an android bug cannot affect an ios device.

Could you maybe pee a little less on those of us who are just trying to be helpful?

Pee? I didn’t just understand your point in the post so I typed that it affects both. Now that you clarified your earlier post I understood it. Sorry if I’m slow to understand :confused:

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Can we please agree that I am the slowest to understand if I even missed the repeatability from December?


Love, Peace, and out :kissing_heart:


Hi. I got the same problem in my tablet. It got android.

I play with confirm move in correspondence games and set labels to “all sides”.

My stones jumped second time in this game:

I am white. It happened in the moves 16 and 178.

@Darsey, have you then tried @saxmaam’s suggestion a few comments above?

I put this screen shot in one group of facebook:

You can see that i got select labels “all side”.

That’s a bummer. The workaround works for several of us, but apparently not for you. :frowning:

Hi saxman,
I always play with labels “all sides”. And the bug is appearing sonetimes more offen, sonetimes less. I encountered that it happens mostly after making some analysis or strategic moves.
Maybe some problem in the display refreshing algos?

This is crazy. Now I havent the problem but in j19.
It happen in this game: