Streaming Go for 72+ Hours

The idea is to stream Go for multiple days or at least have the channel live for multiple days while mentioning Go. The goal is to increase Go awareness and activity in the Go community online.

My first thought was a week but I think I will start small with 3 days. (I say small…) The setup will be in my room where I will have access to a bed and a bathroom. I will try to stay in my room and stream as much as possible, but I will have to leave the room and take a shower at some point. I will likely have Mrs. Clossius stream while I shower. We may also go out to eat depending on how much we raise. If we do we will use my phone as a portable live stream to keep the stream going.

If I leave the room and do a portable stream, I think I will make myself take something Go related in order to make people ask about Go.

For sleeping, I think we will stream the edge of the bed where the cats are and the door to show we are not leaving. I’m not sure how well this will do since it will mostly be us sleeping, but I’m hoping it will be okay. A good backup plan is to stay up streaming while someone else sleeps, and then they take over while I sleep.

Funds raised will be to pay for food and what not, but 50% will go to increasing Go awareness. I’m not sure how I want to do this yet, but I’m thinking hiring professional Go players or top streamers to teach/play Go would be a good start. We could also take in other ideas on how to use the money we raise to further the Go world. We should STRESS that the 50% raised will NOT go to us but back into the Go community.

We could also have some goals to raise more funds. For example, every $200 raise could be another 24 hours. We could also give lessons live on stream for big donations.

This is a huge undertaking and even now I think I don’t fully grasp how difficult it will be if I decide to do this. But I think I’m at a good point in life that I have the time to do it, and it will be a great life story/adventure if I do. It might be great, or it might suck, but I will have done it. The question is, will it be worth it.

For the adventure, I think it would be great. But will something like this actually benefit the Go community. Maybe with the proper advertising it could, but I’m not 100%. That is one of my biggest fears is doing something this grand and putting in this much effort for little results.

In the end, I am really interested in this idea and would like to hear more opinions. What are your thoughts on what I have talked about? Do you have anything you would like to add? Let me know!!


While 24-hr streams are possible and even a semi-regular occurrence on Twitch, very few streams actually go for a full 72 hours for a number of reasons. If you wanted to have a stream going for 72hrs straight, your best bet might be to work with some friends to set up a schedule and have people rotating in and out of stream. Leaving your stream on when you’re asleep is also against Twitch TOS if I recall, and they automatically shut off streams at a certain length anyways to ensure that people aren’t trying to stream for too long and creating health hazards and such as that.


I see, that’s very good information, thank you!

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