Submit Move Bug

I have made a mistaken move 5 times in the last 3 days, i believe because of a change to the interface. i usual place the stone in a few possible places to see which works best. when i get to what i like, i press submit. i never had problems before, but 5 times in the last 3 days i’ve had the move that gets submitted be not where i had most recently placed the stone but the previous location. i tried changing from submit button to double click and that didnt help. i cant be the only one - can you roll back pls whatever you changed in how the submit move button works? thanks.

@RNGS, seems you need to visit and set your game prefs anew; IIRC they were reset when OGS was updated to 4.2.

These are my settings:

… yet I’ve been able to do misclicks :grimacing: but moving the mouse to the “submit” button is not an option for me.

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Not sure if this counts as a bug, feature request or just being Grumpy, but it would be nice if when upgrades to the site are made it retains our settings for submit. I think last time, a few of my clicks surprised me by getting submitted during a correspondence game.

I do like the different settings for each type of game, but please default to submit button, or retain current settings if possible.

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Hey Tom_Newman!

For the 4.2 update, this was a special case. I’ll quote anoek’s announcement below. It wasn’t possible to save your settings for the update, as they are stored browser-based.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it shouldn’t happen with every update. :smiley: