Suggestion: Add Notification When You Are Awarded A Trophy

Not sure how hard this would be to implement. But it would be a fun little addition for regular Tournament players. Actually surprised it doesn’t exist yet. On the off chance it hasn’t been mentioned before, here it is :smiley:


Well you are notified when a tournament finishes so I guess you are saying you want two notifications if you also win a trophy. Isn’t it enough to know the tournament has finished and you can look at the results?


I would prefer less notifications instead of more.

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A lot of design on this website could be considered unnecessary or for convenience sake. Finding your latest trophy, especially if you have a trophy section as large as @_Sofiam, is a bit of a chore. Is it a super needed feature? No. Would it be nice to have for those who pursue tournaments on OGS regularly? Yes, certainly.


Considering the toggle-able nature of notifications, it really shouldn’t be an issue to add one more to the mix. There are already plenty and it isn’t the sort of thing I see people complaining about :woman_shrugging:. I can’t see the harm in adding one more. Though I can perceive a benefit :v:


Personally I don’t think adding notifications for trophies is helpful in any way, but I’m not against it.
What I would like to have is a trophies counter: I stopped to be able to count my trophies years ago XD


That might be enough if you could see the results on the tournament page! I had a suggestion about that, probably not very hard to implement:


Instead of two notifications, maybe the current one should just be amended to mention whether or not you won a trophy.

Current behavior: notification text always just says something like “A tournament you were in has finished”

Proposal: notification text says either “Congratulations you won a tournament trophy!” or “Sorry, you didn’t get a trophy in that tournament that you worked so hard in. Womp, womp…” depending on the situation.


Maybe something like 10 small trophies = bigger trophy, 10 bigger = … ?

@_Sofiam Current Trophy Count

as of 2021-12-22T15:25:00Z

2937 total tournament trophies

  • 1184 gold trophies

    • 286 gold 19x19
    • 101 gold 13x13
    • 797 gold 9x9
  • 1028 silver trophies

    • 336 silver 19x19
    • 86 silver 13x13
    • 606 silver 9x9
  • 725 bronze trophies

    • 261 bronze 19x19
    • 68 bronze 13x13
    • 396 bronze 9x9

This was done by inspecting the html code of the div displaying her trophies, and then using a text editor to count occurrences of strings that indicated the different types of trophies. OGS sometimes awards duplicate trophies, so there are likely some double-counts, as I did not try to filter out any duplicates.


Thank you @yebellz !
Approaching 3k :grin:

I consider this quite impressive considering that I joined my first OGS tournament in 2016. More than 1.5 trophies a day in average, and I don’t reach the podium in every tournament I join😅

I’m not able to repeat what you did but probably I didn’t try enough.


I like this approach a lot. Another tidbit that seems sensical for the natural design of the site. Winners should be presented when a tournament is complete. Great mock-up @Feijoa :+1:


This is a really great approach. Perhaps something as simple as “You’ve placed X in a tournament that has finished”. It would be immediately obvious if you won the Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophy.


That is awesome. Wonderful work. Bravo! :clap:


This would be nice


Here are steps to reproduce what I did, using desktop Google Chrome and a text editor

1. Visit your profile page and right-click in the trophy display area and select “Inspect”

Note: these first few steps show the process specific to Google Chrome, but many other web browsers have similar features. For example, on Firefox, the option is also called “Inspect”

2. The previous step will bring up the developer console, where right under the heading <h3>Trophies</h3> you will find a div labeled with the class trophies. Right-click on that and select Copy and then Copy element

Note: selecting other things Copy Outer HTML or Copy Inner HTML (which are available on Firefox) should also work

3. Paste into a text editor

Huge wall of text

4. Search for certain strings to count types of trophies by matching with the filenames of the trophy images

Here are some examples:

png is sufficient to count all trophies

gold_tourn to count all gold trophies

silver_tourn_13 to count all silver trophies in 13x13 tournaments

Note: the names of the tournaments also appears in this text, so if someone ever creates a tournament with a weird name, that might create false positives and overcount. To overcome that, it is safer to search with longer strings.

For example, searching img/trophies/ counts all in case someone ever uses png as part of their tournament name

Overcounting likely exists due to an OGS bug sometimes awarding duplicate trophies. These could be filtered out with additional processing by a script that finds duplicate URLs.

There are 4 new trophies since yesterday!

Wow, thank you. Very clear! I missed the second step (and also the third and fourth, of course XD).

I checked some other users: Atorrante is at 1727, HWWIS at 1326 and doskee 1041. I don’t think anyone else is above 1000


Okay, I made an actual attempt at implementing it. Give it a thumbs up on GitHub if you like the idea!


@Feijoa, you are awesome :scream:!!! Thank you so much for taking a shot at this. I love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Trophies are live on finished tournament pages now, yay.

Here’s another approach for checking your trophy count. On your profile page, you can enter JQuery searches directly into the JavaScript console:

> $('img.trophy[src*="gold_tourn"]').length
> $('img.trophy[src*="silver_tourn"]').length
> $('img.trophy[src*="bronze_tourn"]').length
> $('img.trophy').length

50 to go @_Sofiam!!