Supporter Donation Change

Hi, a $10 CAD donation seems to only warrant a 15x192 network instead of 40x256 for reviews. Maybe the supporter page should take into consideration currency rates. Can I increase my monthly donation to be a pro supporter?


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Actually the review is using a 15x192 network with 200 playouts with a $10 CAD monthly contribution.

Good question and maybe good for the site too! (currently unable to ping anoek :frowning: )

If I am reading this right:

…then the number of playouts will increase as you establish your true rank on the site.

Worth noting that this feature is very much in development.

Nothing to do with true rank just creative naming structure lol see the below picture describing your “sub rank”


I guess it may depend on what type of donation you are using, but with PayPal, I have a “make additional donation” button readily avilable here: might be different with other options I guess, I never tried and online payments sure are complicated :smiley:

Alternatively you should be able to cancel your support and start a new one with the desired ammount.

In any way, if you can’t make it work somehow (and still want to change the ammount), let me know here or via PM or whatever, and I will try to arrange you actual dev support :slight_smile:

And yeah, it makes sense with the other currencies, I will pitch it, see if we can make it happen, thanks.

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You should be getting full access there, I messaged you to work through getting things sorted out. Sorry about this!

Thanks for the help everyone.

Can’t change my donation amount…
After selecting 10$ and pressing on paypal button I get this

Yeah, problem on PayPal end, working on it but they’re being difficult.

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Great news, PayPal got back to me and they had deprecated then removed a flag I was using, and so it started causing an error when they did the removal. It should be working now though!