Surrender vs Continue in human game

Hello, I wonder how to end a human game while it’s clear that your opponent is lost but continues to play, some other platform has a “counting the stone” button - if forces the game to stop at the last move and count
Just curious if it’s possible on OGS

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If you feel that a player might just be wasting your time and needlessly delaying the end of game, you can call a moderator, with the button on the side menu, and they will help look into the issue, and potentially help end the game, if appropriate.

However, there is also some leeway given to players to try some reasonable tactics, even somewhat desperate invasions, to try to turn the game around, and people are generally allowed to bring the game to scoring, if the wish.

At the end of the day, it’s a bit of a judgment call to distinguish between time wasting vs reasonably playing on. But, in clear cases of time wasting, it should be pretty straightforward for the moderators to help end the game.


Much appreciated!

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I think this warrants a bit of elaboration.

Your opponent’s play will only be deemed “timewasting” if the territories are sealed and they are still continuing to play.

Even if it is apparent to you that there is no way your opponent can secure a winning score, they are entitled to play the end-game up to the point that the game can be scored. This means 'the territories are sealed".


To clarify the OP’s request, on other servers like Tygem you can find buttons like this

If you press “counting” then the opponent receives a message “your opponent requests counting, do you accept?”
The proper way of using this button is to press it when the game is over, however it’s technically possible to press it in the middle of a game. Some players use that button to tell their opponent “hey, it’s over, can we just finish the game, why don’t you resign?” On the other hand I’ve played games in which I was leading by 60 points, all territories were closed so I pressed the “counting” button… And my opponent refused to count and continued playing dumb moves like self-ataris, hoping I would resign out of boredom.
I’ve also had opponents requesting a draw despite being 60 points behind…
So maybe the “counting” button sometime helps, but it doesn’t deter people who really want to stall the game.


WBaduk also has a request counting button, and someone did this to me in a game

You take the lead in a game and your opponent can spam request counting which is a pop up blocking you playing a move and you have to wait like 5+ seconds for it to disappear naturally… If you refuse it 3 times then the game gets postponed pending some moderator decision.

I think for reasons like that, especially when you’re unsure who’s winning and by how much (imagine Katago might have the opposite opinion to the players) I’m glad there’s isn’t an option for players to request counting, draws etc.


Apart from being terribly impolite, these options encourage bad behaviour on online go forums. Imagine that in real life games you tell your opponent they should resign because they are behind in points. Really disrespectful.
But in an anonymous setting like an online go forum this should be possible?
No. Hell no!


Stalling is really pretty clear in most cases, as I have noted before in other threads. If the boundaries are closed, and a player is playing self-atari moves that are not tactical sacrifices or attempts to exploit aji, then that is stalling that can be reported.

If the boundaries are closed, and a player is infilling his territory for no purpose, that is stalling that can be reported.

If a game goes to scoring and a player rejects the score (restarting the game) and then immediately passes again, that is stalling that can be reported. In one case I know of a player restarted the game over 100 times.

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