Surround — iOS client for OGS

No. It’s been working fine these days ! Thanks !!

Hi @HongAnhKhoa. I love this app, thanks for developing it! You’ve really done a great job with it.

I have a few feature requests that I think would make it even better, so I thought I’d share.

  1. Back/forward buttons in Analyze mode, like OGS has on the website. This would make it quicker to see variations.

  2. Also in Analyze mode, it would be great if the variation view pane moved vertically to show the latest move in a variation when it’s placed. Currently it moves horizontally which works well, but if there are more than a few variations it can take some scrolling around to find the most recent move. This would make my first suggestion about the back/forward buttons less important as it would partially fill the same need to quickly navigate moves in variations.

  3. Add the new Personal chat option that OGS has to add personal notes to a game. This is different from the Malkovich option, which is already implemented.

  4. If there are multiple games where it’s the user’s turn, it would be nice to have them moved to the left of the game thumbnails so they’re all grouped together to avoid needing to scroll to find them.

These are all fairly minor things, but I think that they’d improve the app if you ever find some time to implement a few of them.

Thanks again for a fantastic app.

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@HongAnhKhoa , I just found this thread and app. If not added already, I wonder if adding the name of go in the various East Asian languages (weiqi, baduk, igo, 圍棋, 围棋, 바둑, 囲碁) under the keywords and description fields for the app in App Store Connect would help people find the app more easily.

Thanks for making the app!


I’d like to second this

Just to come back to this one, there’s still no way out to the zen/full screen mode

I think I need to close the app to do it


Sorry, this should be fixed now in the latest version (1.3.11).

Thank you for the suggestion, I have already added those since the first version but I don’t think it helped much. Probably I would need to translate the whole app to East Asian languages to reach those markets.


Woo thanks! :slight_smile:

Works great :slight_smile: !

It’s just one of those things I tend to show people, this kind of minimal/zen mode. I think it appeals to a certain kind of player


Could you please consider implementing an option to hide the chat within the app?

Hi, are you using the app on iPad? On iPhone the chat is already hidden by default.

I can consider it, but may I know why you want to hide the chat on iPad? It is similar to OGS on the web and there is already a fullscreen/Zen option to hide everything.


I’ve had chat messages end up in the wrong game — usually when I’m playing multiple correspondence games, I’ll make a move, submit it, move to the next game, and when chatting in the second game the comments actually show up in the first game.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Yes, this happens to me also all the time. I have gotten into the habit of returning to the game list before switching game every time to avoid the issue.

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Sorry for the late reply. I have been investigating this for a while but still haven’t figured this one out yet because it happens quite randomly (and rarely) for me…

Meanwhile, returning to the game list before switching game like @Jiisuki mentioned should help to avoid the problem.

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Hi there! I love your app and use it daily. Please add the ability to start a handicap game with automatic handicap. It’s possible on the website but not in the app. The app only has manual handicap settings currently. Thank you!!


Hi, you can set automatic handicap by tapping the “minus” button all the way down :slight_smile:.


Ahh! I had no idea! Maybe Handicap “Automatic” could have a green slider, which when turned off, then the + and - buttons appear to dial it in… That’s how it makes sense in my head anyways!

Thank you again for the excellent app, I love it!


Yeah, that makes sense and is more consistent with other settings. I will change it in the next version.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Hi, loving the app, thank you so much for what you do. I use it all day every day.

If we go to the OGS website they offer a demo board with the option to save the sgf or import an sgf file. Any chance we could have something like that in Surround? I read go books to improve, and was looking for a demo board app to play out sections of the book. I’d love to not need to have yet another app.

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You can use your browser for things you don’t have on the app (don’t need another app is what i mean)

Thank you, I will add your request to the to do list. It will probably take a while before I can implement it though, since there are still several other features I am working on.

Meanwhile, you can access OGS website from inside the app for that feature.

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Huge thank you for this amazing project.

I just want to have two small feature requests and I’m sorry if they were already posted somewhere in this thread.

  1. I really like the OGS feature to hide the ranks, because it keeps me from thinking about it too much. It be really great if this feature would also exist in your app. Then I and others can truly forget about it.

  2. Your game variations view looks amazing and simple. But please add two buttons or gesture to go forwards and backwards in the tree. It is really hard to reach the game tree on the top. Some controls on the bottom right would be fantastic!

Thank you again for your work!

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