Tallahassee Go Club

Hello everyone! The Tallahassee go Club will be starting up. Anyone interested in joining please reach out to me at 305-496-9595 also looking for anyone that can donate equipment anything old or that you aren’t using. I’ll pay shipping if need be or pick it up myself.

Thank you


I recently started a club in my own city and received a lot of really great advice from this community :slight_smile: Starting a new IRL Go club (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)

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Wow they gave you the hookup. I actually wanted to join a club in Miami and they told me it wouldn’t be active again until summer semester. I waited but then they told me they weren’t doing it this summer. Now I moved up to Tallahassee for work and I contacted the club listed with the AGA and same story. No longer active. So I’m starting my own. I live in Japan for almost 2 years and discovered the game near the end of my time there. It is truly a fascinating game.


Oh best part about returning home to the states from japan, having my authentic board stolen at the airport -_- oh home sweet home, 2 grand down the drain. But hopefully I can get this club going. Even if I play on plain paper I love this game.

Oh man that sucks!!! Hope it is able to be returned to you someday!

On an unrelated note, have you seen Zombieland? It’s one of my favourite movies and one of the characters is named Tallahassee :slight_smile:

Great! (Your project, not that your board was stolen :frowning: )

Since you already know the AGA … have you asked them for support? I think they also support new clubs with playing materials and some literature (maybe even a full set of Hikaru no Go manga?).

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Stolen in baggage, stolen by losing the whole bag the board was in or stolen whilst you were hand-carrying it?

I will be reaching out to them tonight. Hoping to get some sort of playing material.

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Wife and I had to spend the last of our money to get back home and we just couldn’t ship it so we put the table inside a large suitcase. Of the four suitcases we took only 2 made it back into our hands.

Wow that’s messed up…Sorry for the loss… Is it the airline’s or American baggage handlers’ fault? A 2k board… Damn I’m pretty sure insurance is only a few hundred max.

Most baggage should be tracked, it likely just got put on the wrong plane and will turn up somewhere random and they’ll get it back to you based on your booking details.

Yea no these were stolen. They were scanned as though they were put on the belt to be delivered to me but they never made it onto my hands. The airline has a limit on much they are willing to pay out so we only got about 55-60% of our money back. This is of course 2 months after since they need to take their time to look at it. But we asked to see the video to see if someone took them but they would not show it to us. No one ever took a look at it as far as I know.

Well… that’s just shit.

The handlers probably stole it or it’s some mismanaged crap and the baggage is lying somewhere in a big lost pile.

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