Tampermonkey script to send "Hello have fun"


I am playing a lot of correspondence game and it is sometimes take so much time just to send “Hello have fun” to everyone.
So I was wondering if OGS allows me to run user script to do that ? If yes I will share the code I’ve done if anyone is interested.


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I know about this, I still need to click, I want something automatic :smiley:

TOS lives here.

I don’t have authority to say what is or isn’t a violation, but it doesn’t seem like you would be breaking any rules. There have been monkeypatching threads before (Suggestion: add another set of stones with customisable color - #5 by okonomichiyaki, How to remove the OGS logo from your Chrome browser), though admittedly, these scripts only made cosmetic changes, didn’t do something another user can see, like chatting.

Can you pimp your script so that it checks the opponent’s flag, and chooses the corresponding sentence from the list at Useful phrases in other languages at Sensei's Library if applicable?


Oh no not flag-based greetings!

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Oh, I didn’t know this variant of “I’m not homophobic, but”


Nice idea!

For such things, however, I use atext, an awesome, powerful, and IMO incredibly cheap text macro app (for both macOS and Windows):

  1. I right-click the opponent’s user name and copy the link to their profile (in Server chat, entering that link “mentions” them).

  2. I click in the text field and enter ggame, and then I get this:

Hello [opponent name], this is Tom in Germany :slight_smile: Good game!

Looks like this, BTW, here I had just copied your Forum nick:

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