Temporary February scheduling thread

Please use challonge for scheduling your games!

Except if you are in the rare situation like me that you want to schedule a match in the first days of February and you happen to be in a class where it is not yet possible to set the time of the game (probably due to some unaccepted invitations).

Here are my scheduled matches for the first week of February (I will delete them as soon as challonge is operational for my class):

Wulfenia vs. Feeorin Sunday 1st February, 19 UTC
Wulfenia vs. terr Friday, 6th February, 19 UTC
Wulfenia vs. jxlp Saturday, 7th February, 19 UTC

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Quick question. Is it absolutely necessary to post a time and date online first? If I happen to find someone in my group online at the same time, can we just go ahead and play the game? Or do we need to have the time publicly posted first?

Thanks for organizing this!

Hey @yebellz,

Thanks for the question! Yes, you will need to schedule a time first before playing. As I said, the issue will be fixed on Feb 3, but feel free to schedule and play any games between now and then. Just remember to log the results on Challonge! :smile:

Does “schedule a time first” mean posting it on the forum then? Sorry, I just finished a game with a player and didn’t do that first.

Virtualis vs yebellz
Sun, Feb 1, 2015 20:31 UTC

Virtualis (W+1.5)

Hi @yebellz,

Due to an issue with Challonge, you don’t have to report scheduled times anymore. However, you do have to enter the result and put the game link on Challonge. See this thread for more information:

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Hi everybody,

I really appreciated the calendar from last month where we could see when people were playing and if a TNL game was happening at any given time, and I’ve been trying to figure out how all the hard work that goes into making this league happen could be more distributed, so that so much work wasn’t falling on so few people (or just one person? – you’re a champion, xhu98!), so I went ahead and made this: https://pad.riseup.net/p/TNLfeb2015

It’s a document fully editable by anyone where we can all post the dates and times for our TNL games. I hope people find it useful and that I’m not stepping on any of our hardworking admins’ toes.

Happy playing, everybody!


Hey @gohiontach,

The page looks cool! Feel free to use it to remind yourself or arrange games with your class-mates. :smile:

We won’t be requiring time reports anymore, however :wink: In the future, people will be able to voluntarily put games up on the calendar if they wish!

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oh of course! I didn’t mean to imply that it was a necessary part of league play. I added a line about that to the doc.

Gohiontach’s idea is great. Would it be possible for an admin to post the link he provided on the TNL group, in order to give it a better exposure ? I found it by chance only (read a bit of the TNL chat :smile:). Thanks !


Class A2

Fairgo vs YSR
02/14/2015 19:00 UTC

gamesorry vs YSR
02/15/2015 19:00 UTC

YSR vs mark5000
02/06/2015 18:00 UTC

YSR vs 108
02/07/2015 18:00 UTC

@hqrpie Feel free to use @gohiontach’s awesome sheet! :sunny: However, as a league we will not make time reporting a requirement anymore; classes can decide whichever tool they choose for scheduling internally.

@xhu98 Oh sure thing, I was not implying that time reporting should be mandatory, nor that admins should take care of this. Rather, I think that Gohiontach’s sheet would be more widely known (and hence, more comprehensive) if a post on the TNL group mentioned it. This way, people would be able to know when TNL games are scheduled on a given day, which might make days at the office feel a tad shorter :smile:


I don’t sure if i must announce the match here,
G2 - felipem vs archpaladin1 - monday 23, 18.00 UTC

ok, i read that is not neccesary.
I don’t know what is the general opinion, but i like more how it was organized in january using the forum and google docs, that challonge :frowning:

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Yep, time reporting is not a requirement anymore. To be honest, our Google Doc logging wasn’t that perfect…There were hundreds of games and the sheets didn’t change on their own when there’s a reschedule. So canceling that saved the admins a lot of stress. Also, we figured that it would remove a lot of burden from players too :smile:

Class E1
Oni vs GeckoNaptime 22.2. sunday 2000 UTC.
Oni vs ygramul 24.2. tuesday 1700 UTC.