(test) Discussion about R14

At position R14, @Eugene started the conversation:

Wow, what a position name!

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Finally! :crazy_face: :sunglasses: :exploding_head:

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looks good :slight_smile:

Forgive the obvious question, but will it be able to limit itself to one thread? :smiley:

I could be wrong, but I suspect it’ll have 1 thread per move 1 option? not sure… good question

Edit: although this thread would suggest my hypothesis could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
(same name as current one)

At the moment the intention is to have this category for these discussions about positions, and one topic per position that gets discussion.

Basically, if someone comments on a position in the server, it will get a topic here, with a pointer to the topic on the joseki chat, and the pointer you can see here back to the position.

The intention is

  • to solve the problem that Josekipedia has, which is that comments and questions there go unnoticed and unanswered.
  • to stimulate discussion about josekis and positions in the forum
  • to stimulate interest in the joseki that are on the server
  • by @mentioning the contributor of the position, and the commenter, to give people a means to get notified of discussion about positions they have an interest in using the already-understood forum notification mechanisms

I will be surprised if the volume of these threads hits spam levels - the ones you’re seeing are only because I’m testing - the volume will actually only be when there are actual comments, and comments on a position will go into a thread, so once the interesting positions have threads I think that will “level out”


But to answer the question - yes, it could limit itself to a thread if it wanted :wink:

(The multiple threads for R14 are only because I was testing)

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as long as it can remain flexible if it is deemed to be a problem at a later date I think that’s fine… it’ll probably be a little spamming when it first launches but maybe that’s a good thing (being a new feature and all)

Will it also trigger on new variations additions and stuff?

I am kind of afraid the initial “boom” might produce quite a few posts, and the current 6 threads at the top are already enough to be kind of annoying :smiley: (but of course not like it is the end of the world).

If it were me I would first have it “contained” and then switch to “spam” mode later once we see if the post numbers are bearable. But of course you have much more experience with the stuff, just wanted to share my view :slight_smile: I am looking forward to the release either way :smiley:

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Well these spammy test threads are supposed to be private, what are you guys doing looking at them anyhow?? :smiley: :smiley:

I had not envisaged creating threads like this unless there there’s actual commentary on the position in question… and of course we can have this do whatever we think is reasonable (as BHydden suggested).

They weren’t private lol they showed up in the normal mod section just like internal does

Yeah I gather - well, anoek is the boss of that :smiley:

The intent was that this Joseki category would be here so I could do test posts without spamming people, but maybe moderators don’t count :smiley:

And it’s generating good discussion, so that’s great!

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We’re not real people lol

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So not upon new creation? Isn’t it a shame? I would be interested in what new things people added :smiley: but yeah, maybe it will be too much. Hard to imagine what will happen :smiley:

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Maybe a single “new positions” thread for creation?

BTW I would love to be able to post a diagram of the position in question.

An ideas how that might be done very welcome (@anoek ? )

It might be a little rudimentary compared to a fully generated image, but perhaps you could use some combination of this with a monospace font such as Courier?
Shouldn’t be too difficult to write a script that takes basic SGF input and converts it to this format?

Yeah true - it’d be better-than-nothing start.

A nice little method for some keen person to add to the OGS Goban class:

public renderAsText(): string {
      return this.engine.renderAsText();   //  << exercise for the reader :D

The Goban engine has an array of “PlayerColor”, so it might be pretty straightfoward!


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@Eugene said:

Yeah, I agree, this position is wierd, and has a wierd name to match

Did you want an SGF or a PNG?


I think PNG, for posting as a picture here.

If someone wants to click through (IE SGF) they can go to the Dictionary and do that.

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