Tesuji puzzles

I intend this to be a topic to post puzzles that are more in the tesuji category than in the tsumego category, the difference being that tesuji are more broad puzzles focusing on connecting/cutting than puzzles specifically about making/breaking eyes.

An example:

These are 4 puzzles, roughly in the 4 quadrants of the board (ordered top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right). It’s black’s turn in all of them.
I consider the puzzle in the top right to be a tsumego puzzle, but the other three are tesuji puzzles.

Please use the anti-spoiler feature when you post answers:

And then:



BTW, I think my example is roughly 20k-10k level.

For the lower right one, if a mid SDK player plays that shape correctly in a real game I would be impressed and consider it really well done.


So would I, but I think it’s common for players to be able to find a solution in a puzzle that they wouldn’t find in their actual games.

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May I add another dimension to these puzzles?
Since they are all on one board, they could also represent a board situation some where in a game.
In what move order should this meta puzzle be solved?

BTW: If you search for “tesuji” in the puzzles section, you will find more than 8 pages of tesuji puzzle collections.

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Done but i will wait answers from players of the aimed range of level.

@hexahedron nice new feature i discover thanks to you. (this hidden text)

just to try


I don’t get the lower-right one :frowning: Probably I need a hint as to what objective I should look for.

The others are nice.


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I wonder too where the lower left ends and the lower right puzzle begins.

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Doesn’t matter

The objective of the fourth puzzle is

to connect the two black groups

@jlt hint is quite spoiling , please try mine first.


This move is a step up from low kyuish moves. With a good grasp on tesuji and shape it should come in a flash when looking at the position.

I think I got it now, but I’ll have to set up a physical board to make sure. Thanks!

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If you want to try these puzzles in an interactive environment, click here.

No correct answer supplied there yet.
So everything lights up red.

I imagine a solution of a puzzle to be rolled back before solving another puzzel on the same board, so the order shouldn’t matter. But I would solve them in the order top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right.

Hint 1: multi-purpose move
Hint 2: double threat
Hint 3: double peep

Indeed it doesn’t matter, but for clarity I added a white stone at D1 and I drew a blue line to mark the boundary:

Problem #2, White to play. About 10k level.

Capture d'écran 2024-03-23 120211


Beware of liberties shortage. The solution is a quite short sequence.

I am now worried the answer is not J2

@gennan those are very nice. Well done!


That was also my answer, so I’m also worried now!

Hum, there are bit more kind of tesuji even if we exclude life and death

  • tesuji for optimizing endgame
  • tesuji for squeezing
  • tesuji to push the opponent to make a decision

I guess I forget more kinds
Shuko in its dictionnary of tesuji goes to the extrem to qualify tesuji as almost all the good moves played in a game but that’s bit over our common interpretation of the word.


area reducing tesuji

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