The 10,000th Forums Topic!

This is the 10,000th existing topic on the Online Go Forums!

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 17.15.02

(the font on the first image is Kaushan Script)
I don’t know where the other 21,000 went, but whatever.

Anyway, here are some statistics that you can easily find:
There have been 148k replies. This means that, on average, there are 15 replies on each post.
There have been 212k likes, so the average post gets only 1.43 likes on average. I was a bit surprised by this at first, but there are topics like Guess the Person (1.7k replies, 1k likes) and Yahtzee (1.1k replies, 112 likes), and other forum games, with lots of replies, and very low like to post ratios. Of course, then there’s Go Memes, which has a lot of likes. The user with the most likes is @yebellz, of course, with 11,111 likes… wait… I didn’t mean to do that… Anyways…

Here’s some statistics that aren’t as easy to find:
Everyone who has more likes recieved than me has created more posts than me. Everyone who has created more posts than me also has created more posts than me. This is true for the following users:


And many more! I’m not going to list them all.

Topic with the most likes on the topic: Becoming 9 Kyu (of course) Hey guys, can we get it to 150 likes? That topic also contains the most clicked link, at 8,912 clicks.
I believe the topic with the second most likes is 2020 rating and ranks tweaks.

The topic with the most total likes is (of course) Go Memes, and the one with the second most likes is the Coronavirus thread, at less than half as many likes. The most total liked Lounge topic is How was your day, regular?, also the 3rd most liked topic. The most liked Internal topic is… wait, I can’t do that. Anyway, yeah.

The most liked reply is this one. The second most liked reply is this one.

What’s the thread with the highest like-to-post ratio? Is it also Becoming 9 Kyu? is it one of anoek’s posts, which always get a lot of likes (for a good reason)? If you count the topic itself, then yesterday’s AI delays post has a like to post ratio of 14 to 1. The System post has 17 likes and no replies, so there’s that, which is 17 to 1. (If a topic is included in the like count, it’s included in the post count.) I think that’s the best one. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t count. I’m too lazy to go through more.

User stats:
Each user creates, on average, 14 posts. Each user, on average, receives 21 likes. Each user, on average, creates 1 topic. Shout out to S_Alexander for making 226. That’s a lot.
This week was a lot of new people, as over 100 people joined in the last 7 days. ~600 people joined OGS in the last week. Kosh reads a lot. mark5000 visits a lot. trohde likes a lot of posts. Gia likes a lot of posts. There is a person who has only ever posted once… and that post got 46 likes. Ok
Mods account for 10% of topics and 15% of posts. The Go Memes thread has 6% of total likes on the forums.
In the last 24 hours, 9 new forum posts were created. Over the last week, 31 posts were posted. I know this because I kept checking and checking to see if we had hit 9999 yet. On average, 6 posts are posted per day.

Here’s something I found:

967 is the most likes one person has given to another. And it’s like this. That’s a cool coincidence, to the point where I think it was planned… :thinking:
Anyway… that’s some stats.

Congratulations to the forum and developers for reaching 10000 topics, and over 10000 users!

Edit: I forgot, thanks to @yebellz for noticing this here.


the 3rd most liked reply:

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@Starline meant to link to this:

Hint: there is a “link” button at the bottom of each post which makes it foolproof to get the right URL for a particular post.

Private messages (including the automatic one sent to each new user) are also essentially threads and get allocated a thread ID.

I think you meant something else other than this tautology.

You inadvertently linked to that post when you meant to link to the one below it.


I think the tautology was a joke; otherwise I agree with your post.


If it wasn’t meant as a tautology, then probably it was not meant as a tautology.



Uh I think you said something wrong.

I guess I gotta surpass that sometime then :smiley:

What’s the best thread(s) on the forum?

  • Go memes / jokes
  • Becoming 9 Kyu
  • Images of olden / newer times
  • IRL Go / study space
  • Diplomatic Go games
  • Hurt / heal fuseki / joseki
  • Guess rank / era game
  • Poetry threads
  • The Dining Hall
  • Language Learners’ Library
  • Off-topic forum games, in general
  • Other

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Nope, that’s as pure a truth as truth can be :grin:

Uhm, @bugcat, sadly I saw this too late … otherwise I’d have commented that it has too few options :grin: The OGS history thread, for example, should be there. (Yeah I know, only so-and-so many options possible.) Otherwise … Go Memes of course.



Yes, I meant to say this. I was startled that there is debate. I had intended that as a joke.

Yes, I did mean to link to that. I am sorry. I have edited my original post so you can see my mistake. I had no idea there was a deleted post there.

That makes sense now. I am surprised though, that there are more than twice as many PMs as threads. Though that makes sense, given the system post sent to each user. Also to get the Certified and Licensed badges, you have to create a PM, which makes it from 1 to 3 per person. This makes sense now.

It was meant as a tautology however, primarily because it was meant as a tautology.

No I didn’t.

What's the best poll on this forum?

  • Not this

This poll has a distinct lack of other options. I am also curious why “Off topic forum games” are all grouped together in one, but The Dining Hall is seperate. Also, why is my thread not on here? Not that I would vote for it. Go Memes shall always be #1!

Clearly, it’s not, as I have had several people question me for saying that.


Technically, this is not a tautology. You would want to show colleges you’re honorable, which means that you go to an honors society. You are not in the honors society because you are honorable, you’re in it to show other people you’re honorable. It is not an if and only if statement.
All this honor and dishonor is confusing me. Here is a simple way of looking at it.

If you are A, then you’re B. You are B because you are A.
A => B.
B could have other causes, as just because you’re honorable because you’re in an honors society, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be honorable if you weren’t.
What this says is that honorable is caused by honor society, but honor society is not the only cause.
A causes B, but B does not cause A.

And the first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club, which is “The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club, which is “The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club, which is “The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.”"

see Vsotvep’s post for an actually decent rendition of his original style.

Be careful with these. Don’t farm stats. That’s not the way to get stats.

Go Memes 4 life


well certain ppl always have good things to say.

There are now 100 voters in the first post in Important Philosophical Questions + POLLS! Is this the poll with the most voters in it? I haven’t been able to find one with more.


These two are also mentioned here:


So, I initially stated that the system post had the highest like to post ratio.
But this one has an insane like to post ratio of… 21!

It deserves it, as the art there is amazing.