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Hello guys! The Go Magic team keeps making free content and this time it’s endgame flashcards. If you want to get better at this difficult stage of the game, then this is a superb solution!

It all started with an article by Alexander Dinerstein 3p, in which he explains what it is and how to practice — and we decided to make a ready-to-print set of flashcards for everyone to use. Download link is at the end of the article.

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Thx for the flashcards. Perhaps someone can convert it to Anki later.

I guess it’s the current trend to make a video lectures website about baduk. A few other people are making similar websites. Doesn’t seem to make financial sense, considering the state of the game’s popularity.

I think there is a desire to find the perfect place to study the game in the soul of every Go lover… Some of them go to create such a place by themselves :grin:

Hello there! The last “branch” in our first Skill Tree has fully grown, and Go Magic is finally starting to plant the next tree, for a higher level of players. The first tree is basic and is aimed at novice players, 30-16 kyu. At the moment it includes about 1000 problems (there will be more!). Most of them were composed from scratch by our team.

Apart from the standard way of solving problems (find the best move), we came up with other interesting modes: tests, “find all moves” and “mark the moves”.

We started with problems for beginners, because there is very little entry-level stuff on the Internet. We believe that our systematic approach will help new players quickly get the hang of the basics :muscle:

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Seems not working on a phone

We have a special website optimization for the phones and tablets. Please tell me what kind of phone do you have?

Chinese Android

The release of Alexander Dinerstein’s super course on the portal Go Magic!

The attachment technique is a completely new level in understanding the game. In modern, computerized Go you can see so many attachments played at all stages of the game, so the topic is really trendy and hip! :fire: It’s great that Alexander decided to share this unique material that he’s been collecting for over a dozen years!

The course is simply gigantic! Three and a half hours of videos plus tons of related quizzes! The problems were created from real professional games and, as always, we check everything with strong Go programs.

This course is not for beginners. Even 5 dans will find useful things here! However, we think that all single-digit-kyu players can already appreciate the beauty of attachments!

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:fire: Treachery, deceit, manipulations, lust for power and lots of aggression on the Go board. The rise and fall of a legendary Go player and unyielding rivalry — this story seems to have it all. You will learn from the games of one of the greatest Meijins in Japanese history, and who knows, you might even shed a tear or two when the story comes to the inevitable end. :candle:

All of that is the new historical course from Go Magic — "The fury of Jowa and the blood-vomiting game".

The course is aimed at a wide range of players starting from 10k.

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Didn’t give us the price 20$ (-0.1)


Or you can purchase the Go Magic membership and enjoy all courses for free :relaxed:

Seems you forgot the price again, sorry. How much is the magic membership?


The cost of membership can be found on their site.

It’s a bit complicated to post just a single number, since they have several different tiers of membership and different discounts for prepaying for a longer duration.

For example, here are their 1-year membership options (but they also have longer durations as well)

It also seems that the prices may change, and hence checking the website is a more reliable source of information.


The GoMagic content is professionally produced and the video quality is second to none.

Totally the opposite of most of the content out there which is usually some rambling stream of consciousness, and or has a fairly low production value.

You can tell the GoMagic team really cares about quality and presentation, for what you get, it’s cheap!

Plus the skill tree stuff is well done and fun.

It’s not expensive but not cheap either. And it’s aleady discount prices, let see.
Besides altough it’s in the seller’s manual, i always feel tickled when i come to buy a pair of shoes and they propose me the whole shop at a really interesting price.
In short, nothing so special on the price side, no more no less.

I can totally understand you appreciate their products, but you don’t need to devaluate everything else.
There are other professionals who offer services in a wide range of prices and usually with a very high level of quality.
I won’t make a (long) list of them but just take one exemple the new monthly review of the EGF being reporting here too by @artem92.

There are many not professional who gave an amazing part of their life, time and resources to promote the game and transmit their knowledge, most of the time for free, so maybe you could reassess your production value calculation.

anyway I don’t think defamatory global opinion is a good way to promote what you like.


Most of the go content on the market IS very low production quality, with bad audio, and web cam video. That’s just a fact. Not a defamatory opinion.

Also most of the free content is just a rambling web stream. Surely there are exceptions, but just go on twitch or youtube if you don’t believe me.

The European Go Journal is great, but it’s a magazine? Not an online video course produced in high definition in a real studio with matching curriculum and a custom built UI.


I said a defamatory global opinion.
We cannot guess that your interest is video production only.
As to compare go content on the market, i bet that for the quality / price ratio, a book like “Invincible, the games of Shusaku” will be far beyond a luxuous video on 1 game of Jowa considering the information put inside.

Yes it is. It has valuable and consistent information inside and a magazine is quite something to publish surely as much work if not more as a video.

Now talking on videos there are still good ones. Just consider what M. Redmond published (for free), do you maintain them to be like a rambling web stream?

Last i prioritize the quality of the information, before the visual quality. It would be great if all go clubs and players could play with shell and slate stones on kaya boards but the world is not running like this.


It seems like you are just looking for an arbitrary and pedantic argument, which I’m not interested in.

I stand by my statements.

Obviously no one would consider Michael Redmond’s content to be a rambling stream, but it isn’t very high production quality.

Arbitrary in defending some different kind of quality ? I accept that.
Pedantic in reminding some different interesting go content? Very good.

Searching an argument. Not really, sorry if you feel so. My concern is not opposing you but communicate with users of the forum too. And many times i feel a bit embarassed by the exclusivity of your words.

Besides i am quite a lover of quality(in a general sense, visual included)


There is a new Go Magic course dedicated to the story of the Chinese player from the 17th century — "Huang Longshi: Legend of Blood and Tears"

Huang Longshi is almost unknown in the west, but Go Seigen once praised him saying that if he were alive today he would be at least 13 dan pro! The course is illustrated with game reviews and commentary from Chinese professionals and AI, quizzes and the story about the “Blood and Tears” game series.

At the end of the course there are free bonuses for everyone! :gift: One of them is the “Yi Kuo” problem collection, that can’t be found elsewhere online! These are 250 unusual endgame problems personally composed by Huang Longshi. The Go Magic team scanned the Chinese book into PDF and then transcribed it into SGF for your convenience. Solve them and have fun! :blush:

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