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Hello from Go Magic team! We’ve got an idea! :bulb: How would you feel if there was a paid “Get a mentor” service on our website?

Your personal mentor, who could answer your questions, review some of your games and give you useful advice. :man_student: This would be especially helpful to those who don’t have more experienced players around them.

We are waiting for your opinion in the comments, and we also ask you to take a simple survey by following the link below. This will only take you a couple of minutes.


In case a mentor wouldn’t be enough, we are also planning to create a simple and free tool that will help you find a teacher. :mag:

It will be a list of approved teachers with detailed info about each one of them. Then you can run a search by different criteria: price, language, level, reviews etc. Next you contact the teacher yourself and make lesson arrangements. :handshake:

We mentioned this tool being in our plans a long time ago. Now it will become a wonderful addition to the mentors system.

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What’s the vetting process for the teachers/mentors?

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Please tell for what purpose you are interested? :slightly_smiling_face:
The approach to each mentor will be individual: we will personally check each one. :ok_hand:

None of what you promise is on the site though.

For $115 USD you get…

No ads
Access to some videos
Access to a discord server, and
Access to “tools” like a joseki database and a collection of proverbs.

Since you’re asking people to pay a LOT for access to essentially nothing, how could you possibly offer teaching/mentorship at a reasonable price?

Also, you failed to answer KittenKursher’s question.

Past attempts to advertise here haven’t gone well. You’ve failed to convince me that this is little more than a way for you to make money on content that was already made, while refusing to promise or commit to anything substantial or worthwhile.


There won’t be many mentors, so quite simply they will be people we know personally, who know how to help beginners and answer their questions if they can’t figure something out on their own.
As for teachers, we haven’t set up the process yet, but I assume we’ll have to confirm they can explain things and they have students.=))


None of that is on the website? That sounds like quite an insulting accusation=)
The ONLY thing that is currently missing from that list is premium tools and it will all come in due course. We are working on the joseki database now for example.

Then again this post has nothing to do with our course or membership prices. If we end up implementing the mentors system, it will be a different price for a very definite set of services. It is meant as a supplementary tool that you can get on top of learning from the courses.

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My own opinion is that the money of a beginner or a ddk and even higher ranks would be better invested in something else because there are a lot of existing or potential tutors on OGS (and other online servers, go associations etc… ) who will do a great job for free. Just ask politely around, no need to pay for that. Well ideally because for human being it happens that if you don’t put money in, you won’t be engaged and serious as if you do. :disappointed:

Besides i don’t really see the originality of tutoring in your description as this is just the attitude i would expect in teaching.


FYI, there is a similar service advertised here: - a new platform to connect Go teachers and Go students


Tutoring is just a word. The originality is that it’s not teaching per se. People watching the courses might still have some questions left or fail to use some of the techniques they learned correctly. Any doubts or questions they get, they can ask their tutor to clarify those things.

There is quite a difference in the sense that Go Magic has no intent of being an active intermediary between a teacher and a student. We don’t arrange any classes, just being a platform where Go fans can find a teacher if they feel like the combination of video courses and Skill Trees is somehow not enough =))

The “Yi Kuo” endgame problem collection composed by the legendary Chinese master Huang Longshi is our gift to all the Go fans. :raised_hands: :gift:

For reasons unknown for a long time it was impossible to find it online. We had to travel to China to get this book. At last anyone can give these incredibly beautiful 17 century problems a try. You can find them inside the course “Huang Longshi: Legend of Blood and Tears”:


The problems in PDF and SGF can be found inside the final free lesson “Treasure Chest”.

Go Magic Team :sun_with_face::palm_tree:


Do you teach Go? Know how to tell a good story? Or maybe you’re in charge of a local Go club or organize Go tournaments?

We made a special page for those who would like to create Go courses with us:
:point_right: Become a Teacher – Go Magic

You will also find our offer for Go organizers here:
:point_right: For Go Clubs and Organizers – Go Magic

Go Magic Team :palm_tree::sun_with_face:

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This seems like a pretty cool opportunity. They will fly you to Georgia?? If I was stronger I would jump on that.

We promised you that part of our content will be free…

Ta-daaa! The course on typical mistakes is now free for everyone! :santa:


Reviews and reposts are welcome. :pray:

What else is free?

:white_check_mark: The express course on the rules of Go
:white_check_mark: The fundamentals of Go on 13x13 (free with the promocode from our Discord)
:white_check_mark: 7 lessons from “The Magic of Go” course
:white_check_mark: The Skill Tree (50 problems every 12 hours are free)
:white_check_mark: There is at least one free lesson in each of the courses

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Go Magic Team :christmas_tree::snowman:


Every now and then we get to hear people say that Go Magic is making easy money on its videos… :man_facepalming:

We did a quick count of our time expenses and we came to this ballpark figure — $120.000. That’s how much we would have made if we had had regular jobs (in Russia). For more than 1.5 years we didn’t have any earnings at all. Everything we made was invested back into the project to buy more equipment and pay the people who helped us.

Our main financial goal is to become independent and sustainable. It’s important for us that everyone who works on the project gets a decent salary. Thanks to you we’ve made several large steps toward this goal — we have already got 20% of all our investments back. Not a bad rate for a Go project!

If you like what we do and you’d like to help the project, we’ve created a special webpage for you. You’ll find more information about the project and our intentions there:

:point_right: Help the Project – Go Magic

Together we can make Go Magic faster and better! Thank you for your support and love of Go! :sparkling_heart:


Would be very helpful to get an outline of what your project is about and what are your business goals, because from the perspective of someone who isn’t familiar with your project, this post looks like solicitation. I can see that it’s in your link, but you have 3 paragraphs of text above that link too.


@esoka , I’ve moved all topics related to Go Magic in a single topic. They used to be spread over different topics, making it indeed hard to understand what the context is.

This reply is so your comment doesn’t seem weird on its own :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vsotvep I apologize that we have spammed the entire forum. :relieved: And thank you for your understanding and patience! I think that the discussion under one topic will be more correct and more convenient for everyone.

Our project is really very complex. We are trying to make our favorite game more popular and accessible to everyone. But it requires publicity and support from the Go community.

A couple of technical questions. Can you also grant me access to edit the title and the first post? Or can you make me the author of the topic? I am one of the founders of Go Magic and from now on I will supervise this topic. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Once again, I apologize for this situation and thank you for your understanding. :pray:


Just want to thank OGS and go magic for their mutual understanding.
I wish both success in their own project too.
:champagne: :clinking_glasses:

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Currently, kseniia_li is the only non-moderator that can edit the top post. (Title can be edited by any “regular” user)
It is technically possible to change that to you (with a little bit of hacking), but there is no way to have both and only both of you with edit permissions.
Alternatively, it can be turned into a wiki post, allowing anyone to edit it.

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