The Go Magic topic

Actually, since the first post is over 1 month old, I don’t think even @kseniia_li can edit it, since Discourse edit locks old posts.

Two workarounds that we can help you with:

  1. A moderator can manually edit the post for you. However, I would like to first confirm with @kseniia_li that this okay with them.
  2. A moderator can switch the first post to a wiki (even temporarily) to allow you or anyone else (unlikely if the window is short enough, and disruption could be easily reverted) edit the post.

Another more cumbersome workaround would be to create a new thread initiated by @proskurius and move all the posts under that one.


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I think it’s easier to create a new thread. I’ll do it when I have free time. After that, I think this topic can be archived.


I’ve created a new topic. So you can archive this one. Thanks!

This is @kseniia_li topic, you cannot authorise its closing.


I confirm @proskurius :ok_hand:

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