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Shameless plug: Tournament Timeframe

Another one just ended. Rest in peace.

Is anyone honestly surprised that a swiss 19x19 tournament takes that long? If anything, I’d expect longer. Assuming that one game goes to 200 moves, once per round, at a speed of 2 moves/day, the tournament would take over four years to complete…

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I’m just waiting for a round robin tourney with 100 participants. :scream:

12 rounds in less than 3 years, that’s quick if you ask me.

BTW: Where do you see how many rounds a swiss tournament will have?

you use a calculator :wink:

Btw: This formula seems dangerous for large tournaments. For a tournament with 100 players, one get over 20 rounds. I expected something logarithmic before I found the formula.


Thanks for the nice statistics!

Alan Turing Main Title Tournament 2012 has ended long before 3/20/2018 (the last game of it finished in 2015 iirc) but didn’t get marked as ended due to some bug. It was finally manually marked as finished in 2018. (As a weak evidence, the Alan Turing Main 2015 page has already listed the top-3 players for Alan Turing 2012)

Similarly, Honinbo Main Title Tournament 2014 has ended in 2017 (It was eventually marked as ended on 3/20/2018, the same day as Alan Turing Main Title Tournament 2012). A weak evidence is Honinbo Main 2017 has listed the top-3 for Honinbo 2014.

I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

There’s a game that is crawling out from my worst nightmares: currently at move 325 and still going on.
It’s the last ongoing game of the FIRST round of an automatic sitewide tournament started on 2017-12-30:

It’s played by two strong players (now 7d and 8d, but they were 2d and 5d respectively at the start of this game) that use quietly all the time they have available.
So nothing really wrong with it, except for 47 players that are waiting to start next round.
Last june I noticed this game because it was in the last few games still open in this tournament and because it was already in the endgame, with a clear outcome in favor of white.

I remeber my thoughts: “This round is near to its end… do I dare to subscribe another tournament now?”.
I did.
It was a “really fast tournament” started on 2018/7/1 and ended within the same month.

Today is 22nd of november, there’s a couple ko around and about 30 threats still playable… I wonder if they bet they could last this game until 2019.

Again: they aren’t doing anything wrong, so I really don’t want to report them for… what? Just taking their time?
But it’s a drag! :weary:
And it’s just the FIIIIIIIIRST round! :scream:

The good news is: one of them is already disqualified :crazy_face:

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My my, going from a bad ~5k to 8d in 2 years. What a prodigy. :shushing_face:

In fact, it’s a clash of prodigies. They should throw in a 3-way match with logan if they tie. :smirk:

More on topic… maybe it’s possible to simulate whether remaining games have any effect on the grouping for round n+1 and if they don’t,… start the new round? :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if I was going to have to wait for the unfinished games of disqualified participants to finish before the next round of the weekly tournament starts… Thank you @flovo !

I fear the only thing is to wait 30+ more moves to exaust a 1-point-ko…

Someone told me that winning the final ko is a way to feel like winner in a lost game.
It’s something honour-related, I suppose…

But why play the 1-point ko in a game won by over 20 points?

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I can’t understand… so it must be something that I can’t understand :wink:

Only one solution: Fast Correspondence Tournaments and of course, you can create your own. I usually create round-robins for exactly the reason you have shown us. You can also challenge yourself with n custom games set how you like level and time-wise.


Maybe just ask the players if they wouldn’t mind concluding their game? Ko aside, rzhang has obviously won by a substantial margin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their opponent was willing to throw in the towel and let the rest of you go on with the next round of the tourney.


@Kosh: that’s what I’m doing now. At that time I wasn’t wise enough. :wink:

@ckersch88: do you mean a private message? I could try.
In another tourney with a similar situation I asked the director, but automatic tourneys don’t have one.

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I asked with a private message and in no time that player resigned. Thanks a lot. New round has started.


Not surprised, it’s very easy to simply not know you’re the last game in the round and holding everyone up…


I think I found the oldest still active tournament, behold! 1st Amida Tournament

It’s started just at the end of 2013 and still chugging along just fine. That would be five years, wouldn’t it?

Nothing but respect for players who kept the tournament going for so long.